Apple Tests a New Medium for App Developers to Successfully Bundle Subscription Discounts

Apple tests a new medium for app developers to successfully bundle subscription discounts. The contingent pricing pilot program as you should know allows developers of the app store to incentivize customers who have multiple active subscriptions on the platform.

Apple App Developers Bundle Subscription Discounts

Apple App Developers Bundle Subscription Discounts

Apple just recently announced a pilot program known as “contingent pricing for subscriptions” on Friday that will allow App Store developers to offer discounts for customers with several subscriptions. Developers will now be able to base this on subscriptions “from one developer or two different developers” as long as both subscriptions on the platform remain active, thus opening up the possibility of partnerships between different firms.

As per 9to5Mac, the discounts in question can be utilized in App Store advertising as well as marketing outside of it, in addition to within the very app itself.

How the New Development Will Work

An Apple engineering manager, Pete Hare, in a LinkedIn post, stated that the company will “handle all the eligibility checks and commerce work” and that clients on the other hand can download and even subscribe to apps that are being promoted “in one step directly from email links or the App Store.” It could however be a while just before the benefits of the program are visible out in the public, as Apple has stated that it is bringing developers on board over the “coming months.”

Apple to Enable Third-Party App Stores in the EU

In the EU, where Apple will very soon enable third-party app stores, simply having a store will not just be enough. Apple will now have to make the platform very much attractive for developers as well as customers, too. That simply means helping developers make the most money that they can for their efforts and also giving them more ways to draw customers is part of that in the process.



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