Types of Second Officer Pilot Jobs

A second officer functions on international or long-haul flights where two or more crews are needed to permit adequate crew cast periods. They are competent pilots and they are type-rated for the airplane they are on.

Types of Second Officer Pilot Jobs
Types of Second Officer Pilot Jobs

The second officer is the third in command and they function on long flights as the third pilot. They are not required on all flights but they are often used for international segments.

Types of Second Officer Pilot Jobs

If you are interested in flying and you love adventure, the second officer pilot job is for you. The second officer pilot is in charge of overseeing flight systems and they are also responsible for preflight and postflight inspections, but it depends on the airline. There are different types of jobs for second-officer pilots. Some of the jobs have been outlined below, you can check them out below.

Pilot First Officer

The first officer pilot is the second pilot on the plane on commercial flights. The pilot’s first officer must assist the captain in flying the plane. If the pilot cannot discharge his duty for some reason, the officer pilot takes control as the co-pilot. Most times, during flights, the officer and the captain share the duties of piloting the plane, they take turns while the other person monitors controls and provides backup when needed. The salary range yearly is between $40,000 – $85,500.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Pilot

The job of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Pilot is to control the aircraft and go through the same preparations like pre-flight planning, comprehensive briefing, weather, handover, intelligence, and usual air-space flight considerations like any other routine on a flying squadron. The pay during the initial officer training is £31,000.

Corporate pilot first officer

Corporate pilots are second in command to the captain on a private corporate flight. They can work for aircraft owned by a business to transport its executives to events and other offices, or they may work for a flight company that flies private parties from one place to another. The duties of a corporate pilot first officer also include assisting the captain with completing pre- and post-flight preparation like checking the aircraft to make sure it is fully fueled up. The yearly salary is around $71,000 – $100,000.

Air & Space Operations Specialist (Flight Operations)

The air and space operations specialist assists aircrew, Air Operations Controllers and Air Operations Officers to ease the planning and execution of flights and missions, on worldwide operations. They coordinate airspace for military and civilian aircraft. And they also watch out for foreign missiles launched and they oversee foreign surveillance satellites. Payment after completion of basic training plus six months is £23,400.

Commercial Pilot

The commercial pilot job involves flying an Airplane or helicopter for commercial purposes. Their duties include operating aircraft flights that carry passengers or cargo. They ensure the plane is safe, fueled, and supplied before takeoff. A commercial pilot may work for a commercial airline, a charter service, or any other company that needs commercial Airplane services. The salary is between the range of $83,500 – $105,500 yearly.

Engineer Officer

An engineering officer must provide engineering and mission support systems to the recent generation of aircraft. They also specialize in cyber security and help to defend communication networks over defence. Engineer officers also play a great role in keeping lines of communication open. The initial payment during officer training is £31,300.


A chaplain is in charge of providing spiritual support, guidance and strength to the service personnel and their families. They also offer support during war and peace, and counsel personnel and their dependants on spiritual or emotional issues. Also, they help individuals scale through moral issues as they go about their duties. The payment upon entry is £59,406.


A pilot is in charge of aircraft, they fly people and cargo around the world. The duties do vary depending on the industry they work with. Their job description includes conducting pre-flight checks to make sure the plane is in the right order, accessing and adjusting flight paths when needed, and coordinating air traffic. They also inform passengers about commercial flights or transport products on cargo flights. The salary range annually is around $83,500 – $105,500.

Logistics Officer

A logistic officer manages the movement of people, transport and equipment. They are in charge of the supply chain and operations overseas and manage the elements of the whole supply chain. They also purchase and store equipment and fuel, and they operate IT systems that manage logistics. The pay is £31,000 for the official training and six months.

RAF Regiment Officer

An RAF regiment officer acts as a specialist in all areas of force protection. It ranges from dismounted close combat tactics and fieldcraft to security and knowledge of how air operations are delivered. They also operate and employ different variety of weapons and surveillance systems.  And they lead command and inspire a flight of 35 gunners. The pay during training is £31,300.


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