Best Home and Auto Insurance Bundle – Is Insurance Cheaper if you Bundle

The best home and auto insurance bundle simply means buying home insurance and auto or other coverage from the same insurance company. Bundling insurance policies usually possesses some advantages, most notably, potential savings on your overall insurance costs.

However, bundling will often save you money, it is no guarantee, Hence, you should take proper consideration as your bundle.

Best Home and Auto Insurance Bundle

The bundling discount can save you lots of money as years go by. This is the reason most people bundle their insurance policies. Hence, how much you can save depends on the company (your insurance provider) you work with. Some insurers report that if you choose to bundle your insurance, you could save up to 25% in premiums.

Here are some of the best home and auto insurance bundles:


Loyal Policyholders is one of the most famous companies which is called “progressive” they offer discounted home and auto insurance bundles that can save you money. This is simply for providing quotes for other insurers as well as offering quotes for their own policies.

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This company offers the possibility of bundling more than one type of insurance; however, Allstate limits it to two policies. You might be able to add a third policy to your home and auto bundle more than policies and one of them has to be an auto insurance policy.


This insurance provider is best for discounts. Hence, it is another well-known company that offers auto insurance bundles nationwide.

State Farm

One of the largest insurers in the country is state farm. The company is also known for its customer service and claims process. State farm also offers the ability to bundle home and auto insurance. To add to this, you should know that by providing a variety of discounts on separate auto policies, state farm also offers bundling discounts.

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For those who qualify for an account with USAA, this can be one of the best places to get a home and auto insurance bundle. The credit union is known for its good service and wide range of products.

Bonus Option

This insurance comparison site can help you view quotes from some of the top insurance in the nation, such as progressive, travellers, and lemonade. You can compare many types of insurance, including home and auto insurance bundles.

Is Insurance Cheaper if you Bundle

The answer to the above question is a big “Yes”, bundling usually saves money. Companies that offer bundles tend to give a 5-25% discount on each policy. Homeowners insurance typically gets the biggest discount since your home’s value is likely far greater than your cars.

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How to Get the Best Deal on a Home and Auto Bundle

If you are looking for the best deal on home and auto bundles it is a good idea to shop around. Get quotes from several different companies. Depending on the carrier, you might also get additional discounts if you add more policies to the bundle, including life insurance or per insurance.

How much do you Save by Bundling Home and Auto Insurance?

when you bundle many or multiple policies with one company, you are often offered a discount. A recent insurance quote study suggests that you might save a little more than 16% when you combine home and auto insurance into a bundle.

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What Types of Insurance can be Bundled Together?

This depends on your insurance company. Some companies will only allow you to bundle two types of coverage, usually home and auto insurance, while others will allow a larger bundle. Depending on the company, you might see even bigger discounts by putting all your property and liability insurance coverage under one roof.

What are the Advantages of Bundling Insurance Policies?

while the policy discounts are often one the most significant reasons to bundle your insurance policies, there are other advantages that might be available, including the convenience of having only one insurance company, a simplified claims process and your agent can better help you out where you might have gaps.



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