Amazing Electronic Deals You can Get on Jumia Black Friday 2022

Amazing Electronic Deals You can Get on Jumia Black Friday. Do you want to Enjoy the best black Friday electronic sales in 2022?  Then continue reading this article because we have Amazing electronic deals you can get on Jumia black Friday starting from 6th November 2022. I’m super excited about the electronic device you’ll order for!!!!Amazing Electronic Deals You can Get on Jumia Black Friday

Amazing Electronic Deals You can Get on Jumia Black Friday

It’s a season to grasp amazing electronic deals on Jumia for your living room, workplace and etc Remember to show somebody love this festive season!!! By getting one of these electronic deals. Jumia Black Friday is a season you shouldn’t joke with. Its sales begin from 6th November – 30th November 2022 tagged “Beat Sapa” as it promises to reach millions of people from different parts of the country.

Fire HD 10-inch Tablet

Here is an amazing electronic deal you can’t miss to afford during this season !! Fire HD tablet is a fast and responsive electronic deals with 12- hour long lasting battery life and 32-64GB internal storage.

Favourite apps like Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, Hulu , tiktok, etc are easily accessible with zero or no data interruption as you watch them on Fire HD 10 inch tablet. Hurry up to grasp your electronic deals!!

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Wireless Controller

Enjoy this year’s black Friday sales with PlayStation 5 Dual sense wireless controller. It is  a play station that experiences varying force and tension as you interact with your in-game gear and environment.  Do not miss out on this opportunity for your kids and loved ones even as you enjoy this year’s festive holiday session.

2Pack 90 Degree iPhone Charging Cord 

This is an extra long cable that grants iPhone users the convenience to charge and use phones at disposal due to its extra long and durable cable. It supports fast charging and data transmission sync up to 480bmps. By default, this is a more branded form of iPhone charger and is available !!!!!

Digital Alarm Clock

This is an electronic device that has 2 USB ports, which can provide charging ports for mobile phones or tablets at the same time to solve your charging troubles. This alarm clock uses a large snooze button, so you can easily turn off the buzzer without getting up, and get 5-60 minutes (settable) of extra sleep time.


It is a type of power bank that has 36800mAh large cell capacity and a high-quality, high-density battery and can support thousands of charge circumference with its Solar bank.

TECBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It is aVisual mapping technology and floor recognition sensors that help  map your space like a pair of smart eyes, guiding the cleaning with a neat and efficient path to complete the entire cleaning process. Its application is used to control the sweeping robot and choose different cleaning modes(automatic cleaning/ edge cleaning/fixed-point cleaning)

FRAMEO 15.6 Inch FHD Digital Photo Frame WiFi

It is an Electronic digital picture frame that allows you to easily set up the frame and slide between all your photos or play videos with a 16GB storage & Instant Wireless Sharing Built-in 16GB memory Digital Frame keeps around 40,000 photos of 300KB/pc. USB drives and micro SD cards (up to 32G) are supported.

The image formats JPEG/PNG are played as effortlessly as MP4 videos. This smart electronic photo frame can liven up your precious memories anywhere and anytime as fast as they want by allowing you to share pictures wirelessly and instantly. ( Only works with 2.4 GHz). The sleep mode, brightness, volume are adjustable.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Let’s Connect Laptop

It is a Pretend laptop computer activity toy with multi-color lights and 55+ songs, sounds and phrases for educating children. It a smart stage three learning; teach the alphabet, collect counting greetings and Spanish words.


Are Jumia Products Durable?

Jumia over time has gained capacity in the market industry hence, products sold under Jumia are quality and durable. These products are gotten lesser yet durability remains.

What is Black Friday 2022?

It is a season throughout the month of November when things are gotten for discount price at the best online stores in a way to achieve greater deals on electronics, sporting, home, etc.

What are the Top Stores in Black Friday?

There are top stores operating under Black Friday Jumia 2022. They include; Walmart, Amazon, Sam club, JCPenney, Oversock, etc. They dish out amazing electronic deals for an exclusive discount during Black FrIday 2022.

Is Black Friday Offline or Online Sales?

Sales during this period can be gotten both offline or online as vendors are eager to dispense their products at an affordable discount to online and offline customers amidst other competitors.

In conclusion, has amazing electronic deals on Jumia you can buy from, all you need do is order for a product. I bet you’ll love every bit of it.



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