Add 3 Indoor Ring Cams to Your Smart Home for $100 Today Only

Add 3 indoor Ring cams to your smart Home for $100 today only. The one-day sale of Amazon as you should know knocks off this 2nd-gen Ring Indoor Cam bundle, and in the process helping you to keep an eye out on things at home for way less.

Add 3 Indoor Ring Cams to Your Smart Home

Add 3 Indoor Ring Cams to Your Smart Home

If you looking for peace of mind then know that investing in home security cameras may just be the perfect idea. And for those people who have pets or kids and want to easily and effectively keep an eye on things while they are away, indoor cameras can help.

Amazon right at this moment has cut the price on its 3-pack Ring indoor camera bundle by a whopping $40, thus meaning that you will only pay just $100 for three 2nd-gen models to place around your house. But you will however need to act fast if it is that you are interested in this one, as the offer in question expires tonight.

Specs and Features of This 2nd-Gen Ring Indoor Camera

The 2nd-gen Ring indoor camera for those that don’t know comes with a physical privacy cover, which will reportedly turn off video as well as audio when it is closed, which should in question assuage some privacy concerns. Plus, this camera in question sports 1080p HD video and will effectively send you real-time alerts when it feels or detects movement.

The camera will even enable you to talk with whoever it is that is at your home, all thanks to its two-way audio feature. Other features that are worth mentioning are inclusive of color night vision, a built-in alarm as well as multiple mounting options that allow you to place it on a table or even get to mount it on the wall.

More Notable Features and Specs

You however should note that while these cameras in question offer live view and even pre-roll, which will reveal to you a couple of seconds just before the alert, you will not be able to record and save footage unless it is that you sign up for a Ring Protect subscription. And plans to this subscription kick off at $4 per month and it includes up to 180 days of cloud storage for your footage, direct access to home and away modes for your camera, customizable alerts, and many more.

Whether it is that you are just monitoring your home while you are away or you just want to check in on a sitter or your pets in real-time, then this bundle is a really solid option.



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