A24 is Reportedly Making an Elon Musk Biopic

A24 is reportedly making an Elon Musk biopic and it is set to be directed by Darren Aronofsky. The authorized biography of Musk by Walter Isaacson will serve as the basis for the new film by A24.

A24 Elon Musk Biopic

A24 Elon Musk Biopic

In the grand scheme of history, the full story of Elon Musk feels very much like it has many more chapters left to go, but that in question is really not stopping A24 from making quite a big, flashy biopic in regards to him with The Whale director Darren Aronofsky reportedly helming the camera.

Puck reports that a new Muck biopic that is based on a recent biography of the South African billionaire by Walter Isaacson is currently in the works.

What We Know About the Film So Far

At the moment, no writer or other members of the creative team of the movie have been announced, but the news in question for those that don’t know comes in the wake of The Whale reportedly garnering critical acclaim as well as Brendan Fraser also winning the best actor Oscar for his performance as the central character of the film. The 2015 Steve Jobs drama by Director Danny Boyle, which is also based on a biography that is penned by Isaacson on the other hand, was similarly well received and also won Michael Fassbender a Best Actor nomination for his role as the Apple founder.

A24’s Center Focus on the Film

It however would not be surprising if it is that A24 had its heart set on producing that kind of project with Musk as its center focus, and it will be very much interesting to hear more in regards to the film as it gets closer to a production start date.



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