Yango Reportedly Introduces Yango Express to Help Enhance Large-Scale Deliveries Across Africa

Yango reportedly introduces Yango Express to help enhance large-scale deliveries across Africa. Yango Delivery, a startup that focuses on delivering goods within cities, has launched a new feature called Cargo Express.

Yango Introduces Yango Express

This feature aims to enhance the delivery of bulky items all across Africa.

Yango Introduces Yango Express

With the introduction of Cargo Express, Yango Delivery aims to tackle the inefficiencies and unclear pricing issues that hinder the logistics ecosystem. This new feature will be rolled out in major cities like Accra, Abidjan, and Lusaka, providing customers with more options for delivering large and bulky items. It includes features like mover assistance and ten minutes of free loading and unloading time to ensure a smooth service experience.

Cargo Express can be accessed through the Delivery section of the Yango app, offering a range of vehicles suitable for transporting large items. One of the key highlights of this feature is its transparent pricing, where customers are only charged the amount shown when placing their order.

How the App and Platform Works

Customers can also track the movement of their items on the Yango app’s in-app map and receive push notifications about delivery status, keeping them informed throughout the order execution process.

Ireoluwa Obatoki, Head of Business Development for Africa at Yango Delivery, emphasized that the launch of Cargo Express underscores the company’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance urban delivery services. Additionally, it creates new revenue opportunities for local logistics partners and couriers, while ensuring clear and transparent pricing in Africa’s delivery market.

What The Company’s Boss Has to Say about the New Development

“The escalating trend of online shopping underscores the need for capable delivery services for large items. Cargo Express aims to fill this gap, offering a dependable and straightforward solution,” Obatoki further added.

This new Cargo Express feature adds to Yango’s existing range of services. The company already offers ride-hailing (Yango), light package delivery by motorbike (Yango Delivery), and food delivery options (Yango Deli), providing customers with a comprehensive selection of daily services within one app.

Yango’s Collaboration with MTN

In December 2023, Yango collaborated with MTN to enhance the working conditions of its partnered drivers. As part of this partnership, Yango offered drivers free data packages to help them with their work.

Yango’s Ride-Hailing Fee Increase

Additionally, in February 2024, the company decided to raise its ride-hailing fares by 23%. Yango claimed that this increase would support the drivers and alleviate economic challenges while providing them with a conducive platform to work and improve their lives.



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