Capitec Bank’s Annual Report Highlights Key IT Objectives

Capitec Bank’s substantial increase in IT spending, reaching R1.9 billion in the 2024 financial year, reflects its commitment to leveraging technology for long-term growth. The bank’s annual report highlights key IT objectives and priorities, emphasizing the critical role of technology in driving innovation and enhancing customer experiences.

Capitec Bank's Annual Report Highlights Key IT Objectives
Capitec Bank’s Annual Report Highlights Key IT Objectives

Strategic IT Investment

Capitec Bank recognizes IT as vital to its long-term strategy and allocates significant resources, with a 27% increase in IT spending from the previous year.

The bank focuses on cloud migration, system stability, and enhancing critical systems to support future growth and innovation.

Technology Spending Priorities

Key technology initiatives include completing the product development platform rollout, optimizing cloud services utilization, and modernizing client experiences through app enhancements and unified onboarding processes.

The adoption of AWS Connect for call center services and migration to AWS signify Capitec’s commitment to leveraging cloud solutions for scalability and efficiency.

Talent Acquisition Strategies

Intense competition for IT talent prompts Capitec to enhance its employer branding and attraction strategies.

Leveraging various channels and showcasing job opportunities, Capitec successfully attracts top technical talent, with an 8% increase in external applications for specialized skills.

Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Capitec prioritizes diversity in its hiring practices, with 94% of external appointees being black, aligning with its transformation objectives.

The bank encourages non-technical employees to transition into technology roles through a learnership program, fostering internal talent development and diversity in the tech workforce.

Financial Performance and Growth

  • Despite economic challenges, Capitec reports a 16% increase in profit, driven by strong performance in net transaction and commission income.
  • Robust IT investments contribute to operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sustained growth in a competitive market landscape.

Capitec Bank’s proactive approach to IT investment and talent acquisition underscores its commitment to leveraging technology as a catalyst for growth and innovation. By prioritizing strategic IT initiatives and fostering a diverse and skilled workforce, Capitec is well-positioned to navigate evolving market dynamics and drive sustainable success in the financial sector.



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