BasiGo Unveils Electric Bus Assembly Line

Kenya-based electric mobility company BasiGo unveils an electric bus assembly line in a bid to electrify the public transport of Kenya.

BasiGo Electric Bus Assembly Line
BasiGo Electric Bus Assembly Line

The company showcased its electric bus production line at the Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers plant in Thika, thus marking the very first specialized assembly line for the country for modern electric buses.

BasiGo Electric Bus Assembly Line

Kenya’s journey towards embracing electric mobility took a significant leap forward with the recent inauguration of BasiGo’s electric bus assembly line. This milestone development follows closely on the heels of Kenya’s unveiling of its draft National E-mobility Policy, signaling a strategic shift towards sustainable transportation solutions.

The draft National E-mobility Policy launched just two weeks prior to BasiGo’s assembly line inauguration, sets the stage for a comprehensive framework to promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Kenya.

Designed to incentivize local production and assembly of EVs, the policy aims to establish zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) sales targets and investment criteria for domestic car manufacturers and assemblers.

This policy directive not only underscores Kenya’s commitment to environmental sustainability but also presents a significant opportunity for the country to position itself as a leader in the e-mobility space within the East African region.

BasiGo’s Ambitious Plans of Transforming Public Transport with Electric Buses

BasiGo’s vision to revolutionize public transport in East Africa through electrification is gaining momentum. With plans to deploy 1,000 electric buses over the next three years, the company aims to reshape the urban transportation landscape while significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Moreover, the decision to assemble 1,000 E-Buses locally in Kenya underscores BasiGo’s commitment to fostering green manufacturing and generating employment opportunities in the region.

The overwhelming response from bus operators, with over 500 orders received in Nairobi and 100 reservations from operators in Kigali, Rwanda, reflects the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions across Africa.

Strategic Partnerships and Investment Support

BasiGo’s expansion efforts have been bolstered by strategic partnerships and substantial investments. In March 2024, the company secured KSh396 million ($3 million) in equity funding from CFAO Group, signaling confidence in its mission to ramp up electric bus production in Kenya and Rwanda.

Additionally, BasiGo’s collaboration with AC Mobility in Rwanda highlights the importance of strategic alliances in addressing fleet shortages and accelerating the adoption of electric buses in emerging markets.

Government Commitment to Climate Action

Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Investments, Trade, and Industry, Rebecca Miano, reiterated the government’s unwavering commitment to combating climate change through sustainable initiatives like e-mobility.

By transitioning to electric vehicles, Kenya aims to mitigate environmental degradation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with its broader climate goals.

The government’s proactive stance not only reinforces the urgency of addressing climate change but also underscores the potential of electric mobility to drive sustainable development in the region.

Kenya Takes a Bold Step Towards E-Mobility

BasiGo’s launch of its electric bus assembly line marks a significant milestone in Kenya’s transition towards sustainable transportation solutions.

With supportive government policies, strategic investments, and burgeoning market demand, the stage is set for electric mobility to reshape urban transport dynamics and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future in East Africa.



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