Tesla’s Sentry Mode Offers Drivers Live View of Their Car

Finally, Tesla’s Sentry Mode Offers Drivers Live View of Their Car. Tesla says the live vision feature is end-to-end encryption and cannot be accessed by the company. This means that all of your vehicle’s live recordings can only be seen by the vehicle owner.

Tesla’s Sentry Mode Offers Drivers Live View of Their Car
Tesla’s Sentry Mode Offers Drivers Live View of Their Car

With Tesla mobile app, car owners can do a lot to provide safety and security to their vehicles. You should read more on this article to learn about this new feature and more about Tesla.

Tesla’s Sentry Mode Offers Drivers Live View of Their Car

Currently, the company is rolling out the live vision feature for Tesla cars. This is the latest software that includes a feature called Sentry Mode Live Camera Access. It allows owners to View their car’s live surroundings when parked.

Who doesn’t want security on their expensive, good-looking car? Even if it’s the most affordable, you might still want your vehicle to be secured. The Sentry Model is Tesla’s integrated surveillance system that uses a 360-dash cam to record damage and any suspicious act.

Tesla’s Sentry Mode

This is a feature that allows Tesla car owners to monitor suspicious activities around their vehicle when it is parked and locked.

With this mode on, when a suspicious motion is detected, the car will react based on the severity of the threat. All these can be set on the Tesla Mobile App downloadable on both iOS and Android devices.

What is a Live View of a Car?

The Live View feature of a car is a new feature added to cars especially Tesla. Live View is a flexible, comprehensive, and user-friendly four-camera vehicle video system.

This ensures that users and car owners are always kept in real-time visual contact with their cars. Live video recording and transmission technology considerably aid the safety, efficiency, and productivity of car owners.


The company Tesla, is one of the top leading car lines in the world today. Tesla’s owner is the popular Elon Musk who is listed among the top richest men in the world today.

The company’s current line of car is the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. All of which has a market sale price range between $39,990 to $129,990. The most affordable is the Model 3, which the company first released in 2018.

Tesla Mobile App

The Tesla app is the company’s official app for smartphones. It allows Tesla Car owners to connect their mobile phones directly to their cars.

This connection via smartphones allows access to an array of remotely controlled features. The app is free to download and it is both available on iOS and Android devices.


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