Teenage Engineering Made Mini ITX PC Chassis Called Computer-1

Finally, We can see the Teenage Engineering Made Mini ITX PC Chassis Called Computer-1. Teenage Engineering is a design company that dabbles in everything from synthesizers to helping build Playdate gaming handheld.

Teenage Engineering Made Mini ITX PC Chassis Called Computer-1

The company has made its first computer case. This is a bold orange case made for mini-ITX-sized motherboards. The case is reserved for small form factor builds.

Teenage Engineering Made Mini ITX PC Chassis Called Computer-1

As explained from the product page, the Computer-1 begins life in 2014. It started as a case made from a 6mm high-density board and spray paint after the company founders couldn’t find a desktop case they liked.

Later, it was held together with wooden plugs and included handles, but still couldn’t hold the weight. Computer-1 is the latest iteration of the design using 1mm thick aluminum powder coated in a pure orange RAL 2004.

What is Teenage Engineering?

Teenage Engineering is a Swedish consumer electronic company and manufacturer. It was founded by Jesper Kouthoofd, David Mollerstedt in 2005. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Products from Teenage Engineering include electronics and synthesizers. Its core product is the OP-1, and also instant cameras.


The Computer-1 case is made with powder-coated aluminum and has chrome handles. Thus, making it look similar to Apple’s most recent Mac Pro desktop chassis.

Unlike Apple’s Mac Pro desktop chassis, Computer-1 comes unassembled. It arrives in a flat-pack like most Ikea products. There is an assembly guide that follows it, so you will be guided when trying to fix it.

Mini ITX PC Chassis – Computer1

This is a compact motherboard configuration designed to support low-cost commuters in small spaces like automobiles, set-top boxes, and network devices.

The Mini ITX can be used in making thin client computers. It is similar and backward compatible to predecessor motherboards (Micro-ATX and Flex-ATX). Though it has several added features that set it apart from its predecessors.

The device is small measuring 170 mm * 170 mm (6.75 inches * 6.75 inches). It has a power supply of less than 100 watts. Mini ITX also has two universal series bus (USB) ports, a serial and parallel port, audio input and output, and a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) slot.


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