World Book Day – How to Celebrate World Book Day

World Book Day is an annual event organized by the United Nations Educational, scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It is organized to promote reading, publishing, and copyright as it is also referred to as World Book and Copyright Day.

World Book Day

World Book Day is a celebration that promotes the habit of reading books, not just to read books but to enjoy reading them.

Why is World Book Day Celebrated?

World Book Day is celebrated to create awareness of the wonderful power of books and the joy that emanates from reading.

It is most especially designed to encourage the love of reading to everyone and people of all ages can celebrate this day, old or young.

The idea is to spread the indisputable truth which is the idea that the world can not be the same without books.

Books are educative and inspiring and they have been educating and inspiring people for years, therefore a day should be set aside to celebrate books.

History of World Book Day

World Book Day was created on April 23rd, 1995 by UNESCO as that day happened to be the death anniversary of William Shakespeare the writer, and Inca Garlasco Delavega the prominent Spanish chronicler.

The founder, Baroness Gail Rebuck desired to do something that repositions the idea of books and reading from a hard task to something fun, exciting, relevant, and accessible with the power to transform lives.

It is an international event that is celebrated in several countries such as Sweden, the United States, Spain, India, Ireland, and the United Kingdom among others.

The International Day of Celebration is April 23 however some countries celebrate their World Book Day on different days.

For instance, the UK will be celebrating World Book Day on March 7th, 2024, however, this does not belong to other countries.

World Book Day is marked in over 100 countries around the world to encourage young people to discover the pleasure embedded in reading.

How to Celebrate World Book Day

World Book Day can be celebrated in several ways but most importantly the best way to celebrate World Book Day is by reading and encouraging those around you to do some reading.

You could read your favorite book and even read it out to others such as older people, younger children, or even your children.

World Book Day should be spent reading, it is the best day to finish that book you never got around to finishing.

Getting together with friends to read the book you all love is also a part of celebrating the day, most importantly creating awareness about the value of books is an amazing way to celebrate World Book Day.


Why is April 23rd World Book Day?

April 23rd is World Book Day because great writers of great books have their death anniversaries on this date which include authors like William Shakespeare, Garcilaso de la Vega, and Miguel de Cervantes.

How do I Celebrate World Book Day in 2024?

You can celebrate World Book Day in 2024 by doing the following:

  • You can dress up as your favorite book character
  • You can start your book
  • Ensure you read a book and finish books left halfway
  • Have a book-themed film night
  • Do a book swap with a loved one
  • Read books to others such as children or older ones

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