WhatsApp Now Lets Users Edit Their Messages

WhatsApp now lets users edit their messages to help them in the case of silly typos on the platform. Users however will get 15 minutes under their belt after sending a message in editing it.

WhatsApp Users Edit Messages

WhatsApp Users Edit Messages

It’s now official. Meta at the moment is rolling out editable messages on the WhatsApp platform. The messaging service and platform earlier announced the new feature via its blog today, although the feature has been sighted in beta versions of its apps for a couple of months now. WhatsApp’s blog however notes that the feature already has begun rolling out worldwide and that it will be available to all users “in the coming weeks.”

You get to access the feature simply by long-pressing the message that you want to make an edit to and then selecting “edit.” You should however know that Messages are editable for up to 15 minutes, so with that being said; you are not going to be able to make amends to any older mistakes. Edited messages as you should also know will display a small “edited” notice next to their timestamp in a bid to allow chat participants to know that they have been changed. It is a very similar approach to the one that Apple used for iMessage when it added its own version of the feature in the previous year.

WhatsApp Delete Message Option         

WhatsApp has for a long time now offered users the option of deleting messages, so technically, it is already possible to fix typos simply by deleting the offending message and then resending it. But deleting a message as you should know replaces it with a “this message was deleted” notice, which can in many ways look messy. Simply editing a message on the platform should be a much neater and better option.

The reported launch of editable messages on the social media platform comes during an unusually busy month for WhatsApp. In this very month alone, the service has released a new app for Wear OS smartwatches, rolled out new options for polls and captions, as well as announcing a new locked conversations feature.

How to Edit a Sent Message on WhatsApp

I have already revealed what you will need to edit messages on WhatsApp in the previous paragraphs, and if you have been following me up on this post, then you should know this already. Editing messages on the WhatsApp social media platform allows users to correct messages that are already sent on WhatsApp. And as with this new feature, it I very simple and effective to use as long as you are still in the 15-minute windows when the edits are enabled.

To make edits to messages, you will have to locate the message that you want to edit and do a long press on it, just in the same way you would ass an emoji reaction or a reply to a message. And immediately the menu pops up, you should select the edit option. With that, you can now fix typos or even alter the message.



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