WeVPN Shuts Down and Moves Users to Windscribe     

WeVPN shuts down and moves users to Windscribe. And now, both firms in question (Windscribe and WeVPN) have now confirmed that Windscribe did not acquire WeVPN.

WeVPN Shuts Down

WeVPN Shuts Down

WeVPN, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider is reportedly shutting down, the company in a short statement published on its website has now confirmed. Users however who still have an active subscription with the company will now be able to use a different provider for the duration of their subscription, whatever that’s left of it, free of charge.

In a statement, WeVPN has stated that it was forced to draw the curtains “due to unforeseen financial difficulties.” No further details on the matter were given. Users with active WeVPN subscriptions can now migrate to Windscribe, the company stated saying that the privacy of people is guaranteed.

This Is Not an Acquisition

“We understand the importance of maintaining your privacy and online security, which is why we have reached out to Windscribe, a leading VPN provider, to assist our customers during this challenging time,” the announcement states.

“Windscribe has graciously agreed to offer free accounts to all WeVPN users for the remaining duration of their WeVPN subscription. By taking advantage of this offer, you will gain access to Windscribe’s extensive network of servers, robust security features, and excellent customer support.”

The announcement also explained to customers “that by participating in this offer, you understand and accept that WeVPN will not be responsible for any other form of compensation for this inconvenience.”

Windscribe did not purchase WeVPN, both companies in this development have confirmed: “While this is not an official partnership, we are confident that Windscribe will provide you with the quality VPN experience you have come to expect from WeVPN,” the company revealed.

Windscribe’s Statement on the Development

A company representative in a FAQ posted on the Reddit page of Windscribe said “we have not purchased WeVPN in any capacity. We have not paid any money, or are receiving any compensation from WeVPN for this. This is purely a gesture of good will championed by our founder Yegor.”

Windscribe however will cover the accounts of WeVPN users for three months up to two years, the company also stated. “If your time with WeVPN was purchased from a specific promotion (lifetime, etc.) we are unable to provide that amount of time here.”



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