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The Voqal Fellowship supports social innovators dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities. Created by Voqal, an organization promoting social equity, this program offers a unique opportunity to turn innovative ideas into meaningful projects.

The Voqal Fellowship
The Voqal Fellowship

This article explores the grant amount, application process, and eligibility criteria of the Voqal Fellowship.

Overview of the Voqal Fellowship

The Voqal Fellowship is a special program that helps and encourages people who are dedicated to making positive changes in society. Created by Voqal, an organization with a strong mission, the fellowship provides funding, guidance, and a supportive community for fellows to create and execute innovative projects that tackle important social problems.

Focus Areas or Themes

The Voqal Fellowship is well-known for its diverse range of social issues and themes. These can include, but are not limited to, education equity, racial justice, economic empowerment, digital inclusion, and community development. The fellowship is dedicated to amplifying voices and tackling systemic challenges that affect marginalized communities.

Grant Amount and Benefits

The Voqal Fellowship stands out for its financial assistance provided to fellows. Every fellow chosen for the program receives a $30,000 grant to support their projects throughout the year. This generous funding empowers fellows to realize their social innovation initiatives, creating lasting and impactful transformations within their communities.

Benefits Includes

  • Fellows have access to mentorship opportunities, connecting with experienced individuals in the social innovation field. This guidance helps them overcome challenges, improve their strategies, and maximize their initiatives’ impact.
  • The fellowship provides networking opportunities, allowing fellows to connect with like-minded individuals and collaborate. This community-driven approach encourages the exchange of ideas, resources, and expertise, amplifying the fellowship’s overall impact.

Application Process

The Voqal Fellowship application process aims to find individuals who are dedicated to social innovation and have the potential to make a positive impact. Here are the steps involved:

  • Expression of Interest: Interested applicants are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) form, which outlines their project ideas and how they align with Voqal’s mission of social equity and justice.
  • Full Application: Shortlisted candidates are then invited to submit a comprehensive full application. This application includes detailed information about the project, the applicant’s background, and the expected outcomes of the proposed initiative.
  • Review and Selection: The applications undergo a thorough review by a panel of experts and individuals experienced in social innovation. The selection criteria focus on the project’s potential for impact, alignment with Voqal’s values, and the applicant’s ability to execute the proposed initiative.
  • Interview Stage: Finalists proceed to the interview stage, where they have the opportunity to discuss their projects in more detail and demonstrate their passion and commitment to social change.
  • Announcement of Fellows: Successful candidates are then announced as Voqal Fellows, gaining access to financial grants, mentorship, and a supportive community to bring their social innovation projects to life.

Eligibility Requirements

The Voqal Fellowship is available to individuals who are dedicated to promoting fairness and justice in society. While specific requirements may change, the fellowship generally seeks applicants who:

  • Show a Commitment to Fairness: Prospective fellows should demonstrate a clear dedication to addressing social issues and promoting fairness in their communities.
  • Present Innovative Solutions: The fellowship welcomes individuals with creative and innovative ideas that have the potential to bring about positive and lasting change.
  • Possess Leadership and Execution Skills: Successful applicants display strong leadership skills and demonstrate the ability to effectively carry out their proposed projects.
  • Share Voqal’s Values: Applicants should align with Voqal’s mission and values, which emphasize inclusivity, justice, and a commitment to amplifying unheard voices.

Personal and Professional Growth Contribution

  • Leadership Development: The Voqal Fellowship offers fellows a chance to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills. By taking charge of their projects, fellows enhance their ability to handle challenges, make strategic decisions, and inspire positive change.
  • Practical Experience: Fellows gain valuable hands-on experience by implementing and managing a social innovation project. This practical experience contributes to their professional growth, equipping them with valuable insights and skills that go beyond the fellowship.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: By addressing real-world social issues, fellows sharpen their problem-solving skills. The fellowship promotes a solutions-focused mindset, empowering participants to tackle complex challenges and create lasting impact.
  • Networking and Collaboration: The fellowship fosters a collaborative community that offers networking and collaboration opportunities. Fellows engage with peers, mentors, and professionals, building connections that extend beyond the fellowship and contribute to their ongoing development.

Long-Term Impact on Careers and Social Change

  • Impact on Careers

The Voqal Fellowship can greatly benefit fellows’ careers. The valuable experience and recognition gained as a fellow can lead to more opportunities in the fields of social innovation, nonprofit work, or entrepreneurship.

  • Beyond the Fellowship

The projects started during the fellowship have the potential to create long-lasting social impact. Fellows, armed with their acquired skills and experiences, continue to drive positive change even after the fellowship ends, leaving a lasting legacy in their communities.

  • Creating Sustainable Solutions

Through their projects, fellows address systemic issues and contribute to the development of sustainable solutions. The positive effects of these initiatives extend beyond the fellowship period, benefiting communities and contributing to broader social change.


The Voqal Fellowship empowers individuals to turn their visions into impactful initiatives through a generous grant, mentorship, and a supportive community, creating a ripple effect of positive change in communities. Prospective fellows are encouraged to explore this pathway to transform their passion for social justice into tangible action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for Voqal Fellowship applicants?

Voqal Fellowship eligibility criteria do not specify an age limit. The program is open to individuals committed to social innovation, regardless of age.

How long does the Voqal Fellowship last?

The fellowship is a year-long program during which fellows receive support for the development and implementation of their social innovation projects.

What happens after the fellowship year concludes?

After the fellowship year, fellows often continue to make an impact through their projects. The experience gained and connections made during the fellowship can also influence their ongoing careers in social innovation.



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