The Three Screens Lightning up Audi’s Q5 E-Tron Dashboard

The three screens lightning up Audi’s Q5 E-tron dashboard. Dubbed the Digital Stage, the Audi Q6 E-tron reportedly has two displays for the driver and then another for the passenger.

Audi’s Q5 E-Tron Dashboard

Audi’s Q5 E-Tron Dashboard

The Audi Q6 E-tron vehicle comes with not one, but three screens reportedly tacked on its dashboard. And as you can see in the first images of the interior of the electric vehicle, the three-screen setup which is dubbed the “Digital Stage” reportedly stretches from the side of the driver to the front passenger, with each display in question sporting different sizes as well as features.

The driver however gets two displays that are nestled within a free-standing hub that gently curves on both sides. While the 11.9-inch screen that is dedicated to the gauge cluster as well as other vehicle information sits directly in front of the driver, it directly connects to a 14.5-inch touch infotainment display that reportedly extends beyond the right side of the steering wheel. Audi has stated that “special ambient lighting” makes the setup “appear to float” at night time.

The Passenger Side Displays

And in addition to those two displays in question, the front passenger on the other hand gets a 10.9-inch screen for audio as well as navigation controls, along with the ability to watch movies during a drive. The display of the passenger also comes with a privacy mode that helps to shield the screen from the driver in a bid to avoid distracting them.

Other EVs Sporting Large Displays in Their Dash

But Audi is not the only EV maker that is putting giant touchscreens across the entire dashboard of their vehicles. Mercedes in question stuck a 56-inch touchscreen inside its EQS SUV, and it even got to show off a giant digital dashboard for its 2024 E-Class vehicles. There is also a pretty sizeable 34-inch display in the Lucid Air, as well as the circular display that is placed in front and center on this all-electric Mini Cooper’s dash.

Reported Features of the Q6 E-Tron

Some other high-tech features that are coming to the Q6 E-tron are inclusive of 22 speakers that are powered by a Bang & Olufsen sound system. There is even an augmented reality heads-up display (HUD) placed on the windshield that gets to show things such as speed, traffic signs, and even down to navigation information.

The Q6 E-tron also sports a “self learning” voice assistant that you can effectively trigger by saying “Hey Audi.” Audi over time, says that its assistant will learn your behavior, thus allowing it to make automatic suggestions or even adjustments to certain controls, such as seat temperature. We really don’t know much about what is powering the Audi Q6 E-Tron just yet, but we will very much likely hear more soon, as it is expected to hit the road sometime in the coming year.



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