Facebook Streamer Dashboard – How to Access your Live Dashboard in the Facebook Creator Studio

What is the Facebook streamer dashboard? If you are a gamer on the Facebook social media platform, then you should know what this is already.

Facebook Streamer Dashboard

But however, if you are a newbie altogether on the platform, this is easy. I will be guiding you through what the streamer dashboard on Facebook is and what it is used for. Every other piece of relevant information will be communicated in the course of this post.

Facebook Streamer Dashboard

The Facebook streamer dashboard is a feature on the platform that is meant for gamers strictly. Gaming creators on the Facebook gaming platform have been using the streamer dashboard on Facebook for some time now in doing a lot of gaming functions on the platform. In a bit, I will be making a list of some of the activities that Facebook gaming creators use the streamer dashboard for.

What Gaming Creators Use the Facebook Streamer Dashboard For

The streamer dashboard on Facebook has its uses and gaming creators on the platform access the live dashboard through the creator studio in order to;

  • Gaming creators on Facebook access the streamer dashboard in order to go live or test their broadcast.
  • Update their streaming information.
  • Gaming creators access the streamer dashboard to view and manage alerts.
  • They also use it to view and manage comments.
  • Creators on Facebook gaming use the streamer dashboard to view their streamer statistics such as comments, number of viewers, and the stars received, shares, reactions, and clips of their streams.
  • View the number total and the value of stars received as well as the leader board for your top star senders.
  • Gaming creators use the streamer dashboard to moderate viewers and to also schedule streaming events.
  • They use it in viewing clips and also to access their clip library.
  • Gaming creators use the streamer dashboard to add polls and to also see results.
  • They use the streamer dashboard to manage their chaining settings.
  • Gaming creators on Facebook also use the streamer dashboard in viewing their progress towards joining level up via achievements.
  • Lastly, gaming creators use the streamer dashboard to schedule replays of their game streams.

That’s it. The points above are what the Facebook streamer dashboard is used by gaming creators on the Facebook social media platform.

How to Access Your Live Dashboard in The Facebook Creator Studio

To access your streamer live dashboard in the Facebook creator studio, follow the steps below;

  • First, you will have to go to the creator studio on Facebook.
  • Next, select the creative tools tab and then select live dashboard.

That’s it! To access your streamer dashboard directly, go to your streamer dashboard.

Facebook Creator Studio

The Facebook creator studio is one of the business tools on the platform that help bring together all the tools that you will need to post, manage, monetize and then measure your content across your Instagram accounts and Facebook pages effectively. This feature will also allow you to take advantage of the monetization opportunities and the new features that you may likely be eligible for.

If you own a page on Facebook or have an administrative role in a page on Facebook, then you can use creator studio even though your page role determines the specific information that you see and the actions that you also take.


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