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If you’ve never used the Facebook studio app as a creator on YouTube, then you must be missing out on a lot. Before we dive deep into what the YouTube creator studio is, what exactly is YouTube? YouTube is one of but the biggest streaming platforms on the internet today.

YouTube is the second most used platform on the web just after google. You may be shocked to know that this platform is also searched by google. Since this platform is owned by Google, it is connected to google in so many ways.

YouTube Studio App

YouTube Studio App

The YouTube Studio app is the official studio app created for YouTube creators. This application makes it easier to create and manage your YouTube channels on the go. This application allows you to check out your latest statistics, upload custom video thumbnail images, respond to comments, and do a whole lot that you can’t do using Facebook.

Every YouTube creator should have the YouTube studio creator app installed on their device. This application allows you to schedule videos and even get notifications so that you can easily stay connected and become productive from anywhere you find yourself.

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Features of YouTube Studio

There are certain features that make the YouTube studio much better than the plain YouTube application. These features are listed out below (YouTube Studio app);

  • Easily filter and respond to comments.
  • Manage your playlists on the go.
  • Get instant notifications when an important change takes place.
  • Update your video details which include thumbnail images, schedule dates, and even edit monetization settings.

These are some of the awesome features of the YouTube studio app.

YouTube Studio App for PC

What is the YouTube studio app for PC, YouTube studio allows you to share videos with your friends, family, and the world? The YouTube studio is available on the web version of the PC. There is no official application for YouTube studio on PC yet but you can install it on blue stacks. Blue stacks are an android emulator that can be used on PC.

YouTube Desktop

YouTube desktop simply means accessing YouTube on your PC. How can you access YouTube studio on PC? Well, you can do this by using their website. Their website can be accessed at this website is synced to your YouTube account. This means you would basically be using the same YouTube account as your studio account. The accounts can be switched but you can only use one account at a time throughout YouTube (YouTube Studio app).

YouTube App

The YouTube app is the app that allows users to easily start streaming their favorite videos. This application can be downloaded from either the google play store or the iOS application store. With that being said, this app was created specifically for users. While the YouTube application is created for the audience, the YouTube creator studio is created for creators (YouTube Studio app).

YouTube Creator Studio

The YouTube creator studio is the same as the YouTube studio application. If you have been paying attention to the content, you would know that the creator studio application was designed for creators. This makes this application the YouTube creator studio.

YouTube Studio Dark Mode

There have been rumors recently about the release of a dark mode on the YouTube studio. The YouTube studio was originally designed with the classic theme. This is the default white theme that YouTube comes with. As of 2020, the users of the YouTube creator studio can now switch modes to the dark mode.

YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel is what qualifies you to use the YouTube creator studio. A YouTube channel is free to create and can be created by anyone with a google account. As you may know before, a google account is also free to create. Creators can also earn from their YouTube channel through paid advertising from Google.

Download YouTube Studio App

Downloading the YouTube studio application on your android or iso device is very easy. Follow the steps below to do so;

  • Open the application drawer on your device.
  • Next, click on the google play store icon or app store icon.
  • The previous action would launch the application store on your device. From the application store, hit the search bar.
  • Now, make a search for “YouTube Studio”.
  • After making the search, the application page would now be open by default.

On the application page, click on the “install” icon. Wait for the application to be downloaded and it would be automatically installed on your device.

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