Android 12 Responds to Apples Privacy Push with Privacy Dashboard

Currently, Android 12 responds to Apple’s latest Privacy Push with the privacy dashboard they developed. Android security and privacy systems have evolved greatly over the years, rising from a “one size fit all” permission system to something more of a fine-grained toggle. Of course, that means that the system might have gotten more confusing and more scattered for their users to bother about all of them at all.

Android 12 Responds to Apples Privacy Push with Privacy Dashboard

That might be in sharp contrast to what the public recognizes as Apple’s privacy efforts on iOS and now Google is rumored to be taking more steps in Android 12 in other to improve the privacy of the image.

Android 12 Responds to Apples Privacy Push with Privacy Dashboard

At the moment, Android’s current permission system has grown too powerful, enabling it users to offer or revoke access to specific features. At the same time, it also happens to be something that is easy to look for, most especially with the Android’s sometimes scattered settings. With the recent rollout, Apple’s App tracking transparency or ATT, Android’s privacy features, and the position of Google position on privacy are what naturally place it under the spotlight.

However, the information happens to reports that Google would be taking little steps in that aspect. While on the other hand, it is looking forward to painting an image of a company that places privacy in the high place of value, especially considered what that has been notorious for. On the other hand, it also wants to be a lot more careful because of how such measures toward privacy might affect business advertising, most especially their own.

Android 12 Privacy Dashboard

The reports stated that Google would be representing some new privacy controls for Android at the Google I/O summit taking place this week. This would make it a lot easier for the users to access the apps’ settings that have already been there in the first place, just not easily accessible. XDA theorizes that this is the Android 12 Privacy Dashboard that was previously leaked.

To add to the dashboard, Android 12 is expected to possess indicators when there are apps that are making use of the phone’s camera or mic, just like when the GPS is being used. These indicators are something that is already on iOS devices and some would say that this is android just trying to catch up.


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