X To Train AI Models with Public Data

X to train AI models with public data. The social media just recently confirmed this new development and I am sure that users are not too happy with this decision. And if this goes to fruition, it simply means that your X data is not so private after all.

X To Train AI Models

X To Train AI Models

Recent revisions to the privacy policy of X have confirmed that the social media networking platform will make use of the posts of users to train its AI models.

A reported extract that was taken from the updated section 2.1 reads: “We may use the information we collect and publicly available information to help train our machine learning or artificial intelligence models for the purposes outlined in this policy.”

The changes in question were initially noticed and publicly documented by Alex Ivanovs of Stackdiary, who in question has covered other privacy policy updates in recent months and this is including a similar change currently affecting Zoom users.

X News Daily Posted the Changes on the Platform

When X News Daily, which is an X account that covers X-related news on the social media networking platform, posted about the new changes, Elon Musk then confirmed in a reply: “Just public data, not DMs or anything private.”

Consumers have however been told for many years now that if it is that they are not paying for a product, then they too could be the product. This is however indeed the case for users of X, who now see themselves contributing data to help train the models of the platform.

What Users on the Platform Think About the New Development

For many users on the platform, this may just be an acceptable price to pay for the free usage of the platform, however, it still remains unclear as to whether paying X Premium (which is previously known as Twitter Blue) users are also subject to the very same terms or whether it is that they get enhanced privacy measures as standard.

The Link Between Musk’s Latest Venture With This News

Ivanaovs however also noted the latest venture of Musk, which is the mysterious xAI, which in its present infancy says: “The goal of xAI is to understand the true nature of the universe,” promising to share more information in the later parts of this year.

And despite being a separate entity from X Corp, the firm that is behind the social media platform, xAI’s website suggests that it will be working closely with the other companies of Musk, and his is including X and Tesla. Ivanovs however reckons that X data may ultimately end up in the hands of xAI for training purposes, as well.

X’s Reaction to the News

The press email of X is still returning automated replies of a poop emoji in the absence of any real press workers, so that means getting comments from the platform continues to be a real challenge.



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