Leaked DJI Pocket 3 Reportedly Spotted In the Wild

Leaked DJI Pocket 3 reportedly spotted in the wild, featuring a much bigger and wider screen. The successor to the Pocket 2 with what has been seen so far promises to be a worthy and excellent upgrade.

Leaked DJI Pocket 3 Spotted In the Wild

Leaked DJI Pocket 3 Spotted In the Wild

We really were starting to give up the hope of ever seeing a successor to the DJI Pocket 2, but right now, a leaked picture from a very reliable source appears to show the Pocket 3 out in the open, and also featuring a new LCD screen.

Igo Bogdanov (@Quadro_News) recently shared the picture on X (a social media platform that was formerly known as Twitter) with a reported simple caption “How interesting, the DJI is testing Pocket 3 after all”, together with the leaked picture that appears to reveal a DJI staffer operating the camera, as well as its larger rear screen.

The screen on a really close inspection is in landscape format, thus meaning that it protrudes from the stick-like form factor of the Pocket camera series. It is however still not clear from the picture if it is that the screen in question is fixed in this position or not, nor if it has got any impact on the handling of the camera, but it is quite an interesting design evolution for the series.

What the Apparent Confirmation of the Pocket 3 Means

That is however all we have got to go on for now, but the apparent confirmation that the Pocket 3 is literally in the works, plus the recent and eventual launch of the Osmo Action 4 and its very much improved performance that could also get to find its way into the Pocket 3, gives us many cause for excitement.

The DJI Osmo Action 4

Ever since we first began sharing DJI Pocket 3 rumors, the industry-leading drone maker reportedly launched the excellent DJI Osmo Action 4, which is a compelling GoPro rival for the best action camera crown as well as arguably the one camera to take with you on vacations.

Some however would get to argue that the effectiveness of the in-body stabilization of the Action 4 does away with the need for a gimbal-stabilized camera such as the potential Pocket 3. Pocket series fans can however, breathe a sigh of relief that DJI appears to be reportedly working on a new model – plus the latest Osmo camera can further give us clues in regards to what tech we could get to see inside a Pocket 3.

Specs and Features of the Osmo Action 4

The Osmo Action 4 in question for those that don’t know came with a bigger 1/1.3-inch sensor in contrast to the 1/1.7-inch unit that is found in the Action 3 and the Pocket 2 reportedly delivering much better video image quality, in a camera that is of identical proportions. But based on the leaked pictures, we can all however reasonably expect the Pocket 3 to inherit that very same type of sensor, and not the 1-inch sensor on the other hand that some had hoped for that would need to be housed in a much bigger body.

How the Pocket 3 Could Be the Ultimate Vlogging Camera

If it is that DJI is again able to fit in a bigger 1/1.3-inch sensor without getting to increase the size of the camera, as well as a bigger screen for easier viewing, then the Pocket 3 in question could be the vlogging camera to slip into your pocket. And hopefully, we will not have to wait too much longer to find out.



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