DJI Mini 4 Pro Leak Suggests a Release Date for the Drone

DJI Mini 4 Pro leak suggests a release date for the drone, thus meaning that the device could be making a very surprise landing soon. This however raises the question as to whether DJI is really planning a successor to the most recent Mini 3 Pro.

DJI Mini 4 Pro Leak Release Date

DJI Mini 4 Pro Leak Release Date

It was just recently that we had to put away the controller for a review of the DJI Air 3 review, but even at that, it seems that the drone company is already planning its next release in the form of the just leaked DJI Mini 4 Pro.

The prolific DJI leaker @Quadro_News has now shared an image on Twitter (which is rebranding to “X”) of what appears to be a follow-up to the DJI Mini 3 Pro of last year, which was rated as one of the best drones you can acquire.

But so far, there are not any leaked specs to go alongside the reported image, but we however can make some educated guesses based on what it shows in the images. And the most obvious upgrade that you should know appears to be an omnidirectional obstacle-sensing system, just like the one we recently got to see on the Air 3.

Rumored Specs and Features

The giveaway just as you may be thinking for that very feature is the tweaked, fisheye sensor that is located just above the camera and gimbal, which faces outwards to the sides rather than directly ahead or in front just like it is on the Mini 3 Pro.

Other features to note are much harder to decipher from the leaked image, but it however looks like the Mini 4 pro may very much still have just one camera. One of the main upgrades reported on the Air 3 was the addition of a dual camera system, with one of the cameras offering users 3x optical zoom effectively.

Lift the shadows seen on the supposed Mini 4 Pro leaked image, though, and it still looks like there is still just the one camera, which is very much most likely based on the same 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor that is available in both the Mini 3 Pro and Air 3.

If this is so, then that is most likely a weight-saving decision, as one of the main appeals and attractions of the Mini series is their sub-250g weight, which reportedly gives fliers a little more leeway in many regions (for instance, only just needing an Operator ID and then not a Flyer ID in the UK).

Other Expected Upgrades of the Rumored Mini 4 Pro

What other upgrades might the rumored Mini 4 Pro bring? Another very much highly likely feature is OcuSync 4.0, which as you should know is the latest version of the digital transmission system that helps to connect DJI drones to their controllers. It reportedly helps to boost the reliability of the signal and then takes the range up to 20km (12 miles), although that isn’t something that you can take advantage of in many regions due to laws governing drones.

This also simply means that DJI would very much likely bundle the Mini 4 Pro with its new DJI RC 2 controller, which again as you should know came with the Air 3. So while the leaked image suggests that it will be a minor upgrade, the Mini 4 Pro will very much likely get most of the quality-of-life upgrades that we got to see on its most recent all-rounder, but only in a smaller bundle. And that as you know could make it yet another fine travel companion.



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