The Second-Gen Apple Pencil Is Currently Down To a New All-Time Low Price

The second-gen Apple Pencil is currently down to a new all-time low price. The device as you should know is currently about $50 off at selected retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

The Second-Gen Apple Pencil All-Time Low Price

The Second-Gen Apple Pencil All-Time Low Price

Let’s face it: many early Cyber Monday deals at the moment tend to just be rebranded Black Friday deals, but every now and then the shopping event gets to surprise users with a new one entirely. And the deal of today on the second-generation Apple Pencil is one of those very deals.

Right at this moment, the second-gen Apple Pencil has dropped to a new all-time low of just $79.99 ($49 off) at Amazon, Target, and Walmart, although you will however need to sign into your Walmart account in a bid to take advantage of the latter.

Specs and Features of the Second-Gen Apple Pencil

If it is that you own one of the latest iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini models of Apple, this here is an excellent stylus for drawing and even taking notes. The pressure-sensitive Pencil in case you don’t know recharges effectively by attaching to the side of tablets magnetically, which in question is a very convenient feature that is lacking by its predecessor.

The pen in question also supports tap gestures as well as the hover feature on M2-equipped iPad Pros, so you can easily get to preview where the stylus will make a mark on the screen just before doing so. Additionally, just unlike third-party styli, the device in question offers some very helpful Apple software integrations so that you can, for example, check the battery level of the Apple Pencil very much easily when you are attaching it.



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