Apple Pencil – Apple Pencil Second and Third Generation

The Apple Pencil has been an amazing tool for digital artists and graphic designers for over years now. This Apple Pencil 2 is the second generation of its product.

It is compatible with all iPad models, though the model that you have will dictate which Pencil model that you can use. This product is not a popularly known device as there are only a few users who are in need of it.

Apple Pencil

You should try to check out this device if you might see this device as useful. Read more on this article to get more detail about the Apple Pencil 2.

Apple Pencil

After there are a set of new features available to the Pencil in iPadOS 14, it is time to revisit the product. Especially considering the fact that these new features mean that users could get some use from the device.

With the feature like Scribble now available, you should consider buying the second-generation Pencil for our iPad Pro or new iPad Air.

Apple Pencil 2

The second-generation Pencil is a little thicker than the normal pen or pencil, but not overly so. And not enough to let holding it awkward.

Apple Pencil 2 Design

It’s also pretty lightweight, without feeling cheap or flimsy. The magnets within the Pencil and iPad keep it nicely in place most of the time.

Apple Pencil Tool

Its design is a very important aspect. That was proven to be true with iPadOS 14, with which Apple introduced a lot of features that make the Pencil a tool for every user. Not only for graphic designers.

We’re focusing a bit more on the hardware than the software in this review, so we won’t reconsider those new features in-depth. That said, the standout feature here is Scribble. And this lets users write and have it automatically transformed into text using Apple’s fancy text recognition tech.

Apple Pencil Feature

This works across the complete operating system, this means that anywhere you can type, you’ll be able to now write. It means you can use the device for note-taking, while still having the ability to get searchable text after the actual fact.

That recognition text can turn to play without the need to really use Scribble too. For instance, you can select writing, copy and paste it, and even paste it as straight-up text.

And, if you write a URL, address, phone number, or email address, iPadOS is going to be able to use that data to make calls, navigate you to an address, and so on.


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