The Samsung Galaxy Ultra Reported To Be Better Than the S23 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Ultra was reported to be better than the S23 Ultra in the sense that it could be tougher and yet even lighter than its predecessors. Is this a titanium triumph? Well, we won’t know until the device has finally been launched.

The Samsung Galaxy Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Ultra

Not so long ago we heard that the yet-to-be-launched Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra might use titanium in its construction, and right about now the same source has got a bit more specific in regards to the subject, as well as also revealing the possible weight of the said phone.

And according to @UniverseIce which is a leaker with a really solid track record, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in question will be sporting a titanium alloy frame, and will also weigh 233g. For reference, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra on the other hand weighs 234g, so that would therefore make the upcoming phone a bit lighter, but only negligibly so.

That weight information however does give us more of an idea regarding what Samsung might get to achieve with the switch from aluminum to a titanium alloy though. You see, while titanium as you should know is around two-thirds heavier than aluminum, it is also substantially stronger just so you know, so much so that you can potentially get greater strength with the same or even less weight than aluminum.

Why Titanium Is a Better Choice than Aluminum

It is a very popular choice in aerospace components for this same reason, and we would guess that therefore that if it is that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra weighs just 1g less than the S23 Ultra, Samsung is making use of enough titanium in making the frame stronger than in the S23 Ultra, and even perhaps substantially so.

There are other variables here, of course, that you should be aware of. For one thing in question, this is said to be a titanium alloy, rather than just pure titanium, which would reportedly affect the weight as well as the strength of the material. Samsung also will very much likely be making other changes to the phone which potentially could get to affect the weight in general as well.

But the main reasons to make use of titanium instead of aluminum in a phone are simply to make it stronger, lighter, or both, and since the weight difference in question is negligible, it now seems a really safe assumption that Samsung is rather focusing on the strength titanium can bring to the table.

The Downside to the Utilization of Titanium

There is however one definite downside to the utilization of titanium though, and that is the cost; the material as you should know is more expensive than aluminum, which could also mean that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will be costing even more than the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – which is a phone that kicks things off at $1,199.99 / £1,249 / AU$1,949.

And still, with Apple widely rumored to be making use of titanium in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, it all makes sense for one of the best Samsung phones to rival it.



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