The Price of the Google Pixel 7 Reportedly Leaked

The price of the Google Pixel 7 reportedly leaked. And with the price now in the open, the smartphone is sounding and looking like a real bargain.

The Price of the Google Pixel 7 Reportedly Leaked

The Price of the Google Pixel 7 Reportedly Leaked

When it comes to flagship phones, one thing that we all know is that they are costly except for the case when they are not and this is looking like the case with the Google Pixel 7 as the leak of its price is suggesting that it will undercut its rival handsets substantially.

As per the founder of Android Police, Artem Rusakovskii, the Pixel 7 device will be starting at a price of $599, which of course is the same starting price as the Pixel 6, and that being said, it is substantially less than the starting price of $799 for the iPhone 14.

And given that the price stipulated above is in dollars and it is the same as the price of last year, we can now theorize that other currencies will also follow suit which could then mean that the pixel 7 will be kicking things off as 599BP in the United Kingdom and AU$999 in Australia.

The Pixel 7 Pro Will Be Having the Same Starting Price as Its Predecessor According To Rumors

As per the leak, it also claims that the Pixel 7 Pro will have the same $899 starting price as its predecessor which might be meaning a price of 849BP / AU$1,299 in other regions. These prices mentioned here are at the moment based on data in Target’s systems and they also come from a source that is claimed by Russakovskii to trust 100%. That being said, it sounds really credible although we will still need to take all of this information with a pinch of salt.

The Leaked Data Mentions a Pre-Order Date of October 6 for Both Models

You should also know that the data mentions a pre-order date of October 6 for both models which of course is the same day as they are being announced. Google already had confirmed that date for the Pixel 7 Pro though. And with that being said, it is no surprise to hear that pre-orders for the standard model will also likely open at that time.

The shipping date mentioned is October 13 although the latest leaks pointed to an October 18 date and Russakovskii is not sure as to whether this very leak is not true or whether the data by Target is outdated.

Get Gift Card Rewards When You Buy the Smartphone from Target

Lastly, if you should pick up one of the phones from Target then it means that you are liable to get a $100 gift card with the Pixel 7 and also a $200 one with the Pixel 7 Pro. However, it is still unclear whether there are additional eligibility requirements rather than just purchasing any one of the phones.


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