The Potential of AI Code Assistants in Enterprise Software Engineering: Reframing ROI Conversations

Gartner’s latest predictions highlight the significant adoption growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) code assistants among enterprise software engineers.

Potential of AI Code Assistants in Enterprise Software Engineering
Potential of AI Code Assistants in Enterprise Software Engineering

By 2028, the research firm anticipates that 75 percent of these professionals will leverage AI code assistants, a substantial increase from the current usage rate of less than 10 percent.

Increasing Adoption Trends

Gartner’s poll reveals that 63 percent of organizations are either testing, deploying, or have previously implemented AI code assistants, indicating a growing acceptance of this technology in the software engineering landscape.

AI code assistants offer a wide range of capabilities beyond code development and completion, enhancing productivity and efficiency in software development processes.

Business Impact and ROI:

Reframing ROI Conversations

Traditional ROI frameworks often focus solely on cost reduction metrics, overlooking the broader value generated by AI code assistants.

Software engineering leaders are urged to reframe the ROI conversation, shifting from cost reduction to value generation perspectives to fully capture the benefits of AI code assistants.

Building a Value Story:

  • Walsh suggests that calculating time savings on code generation can serve as a starting point for constructing a robust value proposition for AI code assistants.
  • To convey the comprehensive enterprise value, software engineering leaders should align value enablers with business impacts and analyze the overall return to the organization.

Strategic Considerations

  • Organizations need to assess how AI code assistants align with their long-term strategic objectives and prioritize investments accordingly.
  • By embracing AI code assistants, enterprises can drive innovation, accelerate software development cycles, and remain competitive in rapidly evolving markets.

Gartner’s predictions underscore the transformative potential of AI code assistants in enterprise software engineering.

As organizations increasingly recognize the value of these tools, software engineering leaders must strategically evaluate their adoption and articulate compelling ROI narratives that go beyond cost reduction metrics.

By leveraging AI code assistants effectively, enterprises can enhance productivity, foster innovation, and achieve sustainable growth in the digital era.



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