Report Says Training Could Ease AI Skill Threat for Software Developers

Report says training could ease AI skill threat for software developers, according to software teams with high contest cultures. As a matter of fact, 40% of the developers polled showed signs of an AI skill threat. This is another way of saying that they were afraid or concerned that coding assisted by AI would make their skills obsolete.

Report Says Training Could Ease AI Skill Threat for Software Developers

Report Says Training Could Ease AI Skill Threat for Software Developers

Typically, there is a higher occurrence of skill threats in environments where employees must demonstrate their value through competitive aggression. As a result, people’s concern about skill threat and equity in AI may afflict software development as generative AI technology advances.

A Pluralsight analysis recently suggests that a culture of learning and development can allay some of those worries. In contrast to all other developers surveyed, female and LGBTQ+ developers indicated much lower intent to upskill. Even though nearly three out of four agreed they planned to advance their knowledge of AI-assisted coding.

Perhaps a high contest culture may be improved, and resilience in the face of such changes is strengthened with the support of a learning and belonging culture. Overall, developers were more productive when they had a sense of belonging and were allowed room to grow.

According to the survey, developers belonging to racial minorities had a notably greater desire to enhance their skills. But they also held a considerably more unfavorable opinion of artificial intelligence than other developers.

The Human Needs of Developers Matter Profoundly in How This New Technology is Adopted

According to Cat Hicks, vice president of research insights at Pluralsight, ” the human needs of developers matter profoundly in how this new technology is adopted and whether its implementation is effective.”

He also adds, “Despite the noticeable unpredictability and unease experienced by developers, our study highlights the fundamental importance of lifelong learning and teamwork in software development. And the future of AI-assisted coding depends on putting people first.”

Thus, hiring for or upskilling in areas like creativity, problem-solving, and ongoing learning may be necessary in addition to AI training.



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