The Initiative for Transitional Justice in Africa (ITJA) 2024 Call for Proposals (Up to €50,000) – APPLY NOW

The Initiative for Transitional Justice in Africa (ITJA) 2024 Call for Proposals is an opportunity for civil society organizations, community-based groups, and other entities committed to fostering truth, justice, and reconciliation in post-conflict African societies.

The Initiative for Transitional Justice in Africa

The Initiative for Transitional Justice in Africa (ITJA) is a collaborative effort between the African Union and the European Union, it was launched in October 2023 to implement innovative transitional justice initiatives guided by the Africa Transitional Justice Policy Framework (AUTJP) and its roadmap.

Details About The Initiative for Transitional Justice in Africa (ITJA) 2024

The primary goal of this call is to invite proposals from organizations dedicated to rebuilding communities and empowering survivors emerging from conflict in Africa. Administered by The Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund (ATJLF), a not-for-profit organization, the fund plays a key role in supporting initiatives aligned with transitional justice principles.

The ITJA Partnership with the African Union and European Union reflects the commitment of both the African Union and the European Union to address the aftermath of conflict in Africa through strategic transitional justice interventions.

Target Groups

  • Priority is given to the following groups: victim centers and survivor groups, local NGOs and community-based organizations (CBOs), women’s groups, and youth networks working on Transitional Justice initiatives in areas affected by conflict and violence across Africa.
  • Media and tech groups with the ability to leverage digital innovations to promote the documentation of mass atrocities, accountability, citizen awareness, and engagement with transitional justice.


For eligible CSOs and CBOs, a maximum award of fifty thousand euros (€50,000), may be given to each grantee. The specifics of the planned interventions’ extent and type will dictate the award’s exact amount.

Eligibility Criteria

The conditions below must be fulfilled for an organization to be eligible:

  • An officially recognized civil society organization or community-based group that works in any of the African nations that are listed as priorities ;
  • Experience in human rights, transitional justice, or related sectors proven by demonstration. Current projects or initiatives addressing particular needs within the call’s scope.
  • The minimum number of employees required is three (3), which includes the director/founder.
  • A corporate bank account that is operational in the nation of operation is a prerequisite.
  • Accountant methods and procedures, management structure, and proof of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual financial accounting must all be clearly defined components of the operational framework.
  • Have a solid network of relationships and networks with victims, survivors, and the community they serve; be well-known or integrated into communities that have endured crimes against humanity or violations of human rights.
  • Have been working on human rights and transitional justice issues in the identified communities in the countries of focus

How to Apply

  • Interested organizations should submit a detailed proposal, aligning with the outlined focus areas, through the provided application form and budget.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with successful applicants notified upon completion of the review. Early submission is encouraged.
  • Visit the official website at to apply

Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting complete proposals is 18th February 2024. Late submissions will not be considered.

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