The Future of COVID-19 Exposure Notifications on Android – Google’s Recent Decision

Once known Google and Apple teamed up in order to produce a certain mechanism feature for COVID-19 around 2022. Meanwhile, with the use of Bluetooth Android users are able to detect who it had been near and that reduces the contact rate.

The Future of COVID-19 Exposure Notifications on Android - Google's Recent Decision
The Future of COVID-19 Exposure Notifications on Android – Google’s Recent Decision

Well, as of the latest update, the features actually stopped working some months ago and no it has been mentioned in the listings of Android settings. Well, in order for you to get more information as you read, this post will offer more enlightenment on the topic of The Future of COVID-19 Exposure Notifications on Android – Google’s Recent Decision.

Google’s Recent Decision on the COVID-19 Exposure Notifications on Android Settings

Through the teaming up of Apple and Google, a development transpired as a warning mechanism in the spring of 2020 where Bluetooth usage on the phone can track who it has been near (COVID-19). Going further, if peradventure you later test positive, then you will get to share that with people close to you anonymously. With this new feature, lots of people amounting to millions get notifications if they are exposed to the virus.

Meanwhile, as of now 9to5 Google notes, options on exposure to these notifications have been removed and can no longer be accessed.

Recent updates on how this occurred a few months after Apple and Google stopped supporting the Association of Public Health Laboratories, which operated the servers that allowed state-specific apps to exchange alerts about potential exposures.

Recent Updates on Google’s Decision Regarding COVID-19

For recent updates, you may have already got notifications on your Android or iPhone informing you that you could disable exposure notifications. Moreso, the option appeared under Settings > Google on Android, but it appears to have been gone. It’s still available on iOS via Settings > Exposure Notifications, but even if you enable it, you won’t receive alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you notified if you have been in contact with someone with COVID?

On your Android phone, use the COVID-19 Exposure Notifications System. Turning on Exposure Notifications will notify you if you have been exposed to someone who has reported having COVID-19. You can turn it off if you change your mind.

How long does COVID last?

According to the CDC, COVID-19 symptoms begin 2-14 days after virus exposure. People who test positive for COVID-19 usually experience symptoms for a few weeks. People with protracted COVID may experience chronic symptoms for at least 12 weeks after infection.

Do COVID tests expire?

The expiration date is displayed on the outer box or package of all OTC COVID-19 diagnostic tests.



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