Telkom Collaborates With the Police to Crack Down On Cable Theft in South Africa

Telkom collaborates with the police to crack down on cable theft in South Africa. South African telco provider, Telkom says that it is tirelessly working to effectively arrest and make sure of the conviction of those behind the theft of cable and the vandalism of infrastructure at its various locations all across South Africa.

Telkom Collaborates With the Police in South Africa

Telkom Collaborates With the Police in South Africa

Telkom has recently intensified its efforts against infrastructure-related crimes, aligning with the Telkom Group Security Strategy. This strategy aims to enhance security governance and proactively manage security risks within the organization.

In a recent statement, Telkom acknowledged the vital contribution of the community in this initiative. The community played a key role by alerting the police and using Telkom’s reporting hotlines, which significantly helped in reducing crimes at Telkom’s facilities nationwide.

The Importance of Collaboration in These Efforts

Sepadi Nkadimeng, Telkom’s Executive on Corporate Security and Investigations, highlighted the importance of collaboration in these efforts. He emphasized that the effective partnership between the police and community members has been instrumental in curbing crime, allowing the company to address these issues promptly and efficiently.

Sepadi Nkadimeng, who oversees Corporate Security and Investigations at Telkom, has disclosed notable successes stemming from the company’s collaboration with law enforcement agencies. This joint effort has led to a series of arrests and successful convictions of individuals involved in infrastructure vandalism.

The Role of the National Prosecuting Authority

Telkom’s active involvement in monitoring all open cases, aiding the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), and ensuring presence at court appearances of suspects has been effective. From July 2017 to December 2023, a total of 3,003 individuals were arrested on various charges. Of these, 523 have been successfully convicted, resulting in a combined sentence of 2,594 years of imprisonment. Additionally, arrest warrants have been issued against 311 suspects, and 1,126 individuals are currently awaiting trial.

A significant achievement in 2023 was the indictment of a syndicate for theft, racketeering, and money laundering. This joint operation culminated in the conviction of five members, receiving prison terms ranging from 18 to 83 years.

The Stance of South African Courts on the Matter

Telkom has expressed approval of the South African courts’ stringent stance against cable theft and infrastructure vandalism, with offenders receiving substantial prison sentences.

The Economic Sabotage of Critical Infrastructure Forum, comprising Telkom, Eskom, Prasa, and Transnet, reports that cable theft causes approximately R7 billion (equivalent to $372.24 million) in economic damages annually in South Africa. This figure highlights the severity of the issue and the importance of continued efforts to combat these crimes.



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