TechEnd is Actively Looking for a Supportive Environment to Foster IT Growth

TechEnd, an indigenous technology firm, has urged the Federal Government to establish an enabling environment for the thriving of local operators.

TechEnd is Actively Looking for a Supportive Environment to Foster IT Growth
TechEnd is Actively Looking for a Supportive Environment to Foster IT Growth

In an interview with The Guardian, Sheriff Oladejo, the Managing Director of TechEnd, expressed that startups in the country would experience greater success if the Federal Government could allocate sufficient funds to the sector and promote increased investment to support the ongoing growth and expansion in the industry.

TechEnd is Actively Looking for a Supportive Environment

Oladejo outlined additional challenges confronting the sector, such as insufficient infrastructure, restricted access to reliable electricity, and various regulatory hurdles.

He mentioned that these challenges have affected the deployment and sustainability of IT projects in the country. This results in high operating costs, and other issues in the country erode most of the revenues.

Acknowledging the government’s substantial efforts, particularly in establishing an enabling environment for tech entrepreneurs, Oladejo noted that the country is witnessing increased fiber optic connections across states and major cities in Nigeria.

He mentioned that considering the Minister of Communication, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani’s background as a deep technology person, “I believe he will know what to do to move the sector forward. We hope that proper regulations will pave the way for more investments in the sector.

Delving further into the sector, the head of TechEnd stated that Nigeria’s environment poses significant challenges, especially for local players.

Navigating Nigeria’s Tech Landscape: From Startups to Sector-Based Solutions

Oladejo mentioned that despite the significant growth in recent years, the IT sector, combined with the large and increasingly tech-savvy youthful population, has contributed to the expansion of the IT industry.

He mentioned that Nigeria boasts a vibrant startup ecosystem, emphasizing a focus on digital technology and innovation. Lagos, in particular, is often referred to as “Silicon Lagoon” because of its concentration of tech innovations and startups.

We’ve witnessed notable growth in e-commerce and fintech players. Many of these entities provide digital payment platforms, online shopping, and financial services customized for the Nigerian market, contributing significantly to the growth and enhancement of financial inclusion in Nigeria.

Another aspect gaining traction in the digital technology sector is the development of mobile apps. This has emerged as a powerful advancement supporting the progress of digital technology and facilitating ease of doing business on the go.

Oladejo, stating that TechEnd is an IT firm co-founded in 2016, has primarily diversified into various aspects of technology, including software development, IT consulting, training, and capacity development. He added, “TechEnd specializes in constructing sector-based solutions, with our flagship solution named ‘EstatePlus.’ This application operates within Property and Facility Management, along with other solutions for savings. Additionally, we offer investment software and provide software training and mentorship.

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