Steam Deck’s Dock Accessory gets Major Upgrade

Steam Deck’s Dock Accessory gets Major Upgrade. This might not be the very first of its kind, especially when you take a good look at the niche market that some Chinese brands worked on years ago. But, the steam Deck has surely set its expectations concerning what the mobile PC gaming system would be like.

Steam Deck’s Dock Accessory gets Major Upgrade

Unfortunately, valve happens to not be a manufacturer, so it is not a surprise that it has issues when it comes to keeping up with the high Deman that its own hype helped generate.

While some people that ordered pretty early were able to get the hands-on first set of handheld consoles, most orders have been backlogged until October. Well, we cannot say the same for Steam Deck’s official dock accessory, which is yet to launch. The delay might turn out to be frustrating for all those that are already console owners, but the wait actually might be worth it.

Steam Deck’s Dock Accessory gets Major Upgrade

This is not the first time that we get to see handheld gaming consoles, they have been around for decades. But with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, the market was revitalized, especially because of its multi-functional features. Unlike the PS Vita that was retired sadly at its carrier’s height, the Switch did not come as a miniature version of a much larger home console; Rather, it works both as a Handheld and on TV modes, assuming you are not making use of the Lite Variant.

Nintendo Surely gave us some compromises when it comes to performance to accommodate the small form factor, but the switch has kept it own together for years.

The Switch’s success sparked renewed interest in handhelds consoles in the industry of gaming, including the PC market. Competing and defeating others including Alienware and Razer to the punch, Valve launched the steam Deck to offer the same portable gaming lifestyle to PC games. Generally, the reviews have been positive, albeit with some complaints here and there, but the device’s full potential still needs to be realized with its missing accessory.

Steam Deck Docks Receives New Features Before Shipping

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, it is possible for you to connect your Steam Deck to peripherals and a much bigger screen, effectively transforming it into a stationary computer or, better yet, a fully-functional Linux desktop. And, just like the Switch, there is also an official Docking Station accessory that is yet to pop up, Although the full features of the Steam Deck can be utilized using any USB-C dock, Valve’s first-party accessory still comes with its own benefits that some other docks can match. Now it looks as if the accessory would be offering even more than we expect.

Valve has been updating its tech specs page quietly for the Steam Deck and the Docking Station, as stated by Review geek, revealing some upgrades to the accessory in addition to clarifying confusing aspects about it. Instead of sporting one USB 3.1 and two USB 2.0 ports as announced initially, all the three steam Deck dock’s USB ports would be USB 3.1. it now states clearly that the Ethernet port would support Gigabit Ethernet, something that has been ambiguous until now.


While at the moment there are USB-C docks that can meet up those specs or even surpass them, it’s still a different matter when you consider that this Docking Station was specifically designed around the Steam Deck and its unique form factor.

Most importantly, also it is a test of how great the valve would be able to meet the demand for both the steam Deck and its accessory, which is looking good at the moment. The Steam Deck Docking Station is still on track to launch late in spring.


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