How to Clean your Nintendo Switch – What You Need

Most electrical devices are usually subjected to dust, and as time goes on, they would need to be dusted. Well, if you have a Nintendo Switch, with time it would get dusty and require cleaning so you need to How to Clean Your Nintendo Switch.

How to Clean your Nintendo Switch

What you Need

Below are some of the things that you would need to keep your Nintendo Switch Clean. They include:

  • Damp Cleaning Cloth
  • Dry Cleaning Cloth
  • Cotton Swap or toothpick
  • A Nintendo Switch Consoles

How to Clean your Nintendo Switch

The build-up of dust and grime is quite the issue for all modern hardware, including the Nintendo Switch. It would lead to overheating if left unattended, causing component failure. Some games also make use of the switch’s touchscreen but unlike the Nintendo DS, there is no stylus support for it officially, so you would have to make use of your hands. The end result is good old fingerprints.

At least the Nintendo’s console is a lot easier to take care of, compared to that of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. if you happen to prefer the handheld Play to Docked, a screen protector and carrying case would prevent scratching and dirt build-up. Make sure that it has a cartridge pocket too. Officially, the Nintendo Switch console issued cleaning advice, which is not comprehensive but does not be afraid. If you happen to be maintaining a console in top shape, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Steps to Cleaning Your Switch

  • First, turn off your Switch, make sure you do not leave it in sleep mode. Once you are done, undock it and take out any accessories, including the Joy-Con controllers.
  • First, click on your switch on a clean table, and make sure not to place it on the floor.
  • Dampen a cleaning cloth using water, and gently apply it to the screen of the switch and joy-con controllers. If your screen is sticky and needs disinfectant, Nintendo recommends wiping it down with a “consumer-grade disinfectant,” containing 70% alcohol.
  • Once you are done, wipe down the Joy-Con with a damp cloth, scrubbing the controllers’ plastic gently.
  • Apply a dry-cleaning cloth to both upon completing, taking out any leftover moisture. Reattach the joy-con controllers and you are good to go.
  • When it comes to the metal rails that connect the Joy-Con, make use of a microfiber cloth to take out any dust. If some spots appear to be tricky to reach, make use of a cotton swab or toothpick instead. We would recommend the same approach if the USB-C port has a build-up of dust or dirt. Nintendo is advising not to make use of a vacuum or compress air to dislodge any residue.

How Often Should You Clean your Switch?

Unless you are already getting great use of your Nintendo Switch touchscreen, a quick wipe using a microfiber cloth to remove any fingerprints would always help – we cannot imagine that you would need to do this more often, but if you frequently play in docked mode, be sure that you dust your switch also.


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