South African Mandela Rhodes Scholarships 2022 – How to Apply Now

South African Mandela Rhodes Scholarships 2022 is here. Interested applicants can now submit their various applications for the Mandela Rhodes Scholarships 2022. Mandela Rhodes Scholarships is a study aid opportunity for students looking to travel to South Africa, the benefits that come with this program are huge.

South African Mandela Rhodes Scholarships 2022

Meanwhile, the Mandela Rhodes Scholarships program is for Africans and it offers full funding for an honors maximum of one year or a master maximum of two years. To apply for this outstanding scholarship, applicants are required to carefully read through the eligibility, and the application process. The selection process for Mandela Rhodes Scholarship is also stated below, take your time to read through!

South African Mandela Rhodes Scholarships 2022

Mandela Rhodes Scholarships Program is a renowned program, the operations of this scholarship program are seen in its combination of both financial support for postgraduate studies and a top-notch leadership development system that has been designed to develop outstanding leadership skills in Africa.

This scholarship offers full funding for up to a maximum of two years of postgraduate study for an African citizen under 30 years of age. We mentioned earlier that the award is open to all African citizens under the age of 30 years and recipients must study towards Honours or Master’s degrees at recognized South African institutions.

There is no specified number of scholarships, however, Mandela Rhodes Scholarships are highly competitive, with fewer than 30 scholarships being awarded each year since it was established in 2005.

Mandela Rhodes Foundation seeks to create outstanding leadership capacity in Africa, this is the main goal of the scholarship program. The worth of this scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, meals, book allowance, general allowance, and travel expenses.

Requirements for Mandela Rhodes Scholarships 2022

  • Mandela Rhodes Scholarship is open to citizens of all African countries
  • The scholarship program targets postgraduate studies at South African universities or colleges.
  • The scholarship offers Full funding for an honors maximum of one year or a master’s degree maximum of two years or their equivalent (except MBA).
  • The application is open for anyone between the ages of 19 and 30 at the time of receipt of the scholarship.
  • All candidates applying for this scholarship must have a first degree or equivalent diploma or be qualified
  • An academic result that is well above average is mandatory for Candidates to have
  • Those whose character reflects a commitment to the four principles of education, reconciliation, leadership, and entrepreneurship have a good chance of securing the scholarship
  • As an applicant, you are required to have full participation in all compulsory aspects of the leadership development program, note that these designed activities can take place on weekdays or weekends.
  • This Scholarship cannot be deferred awarded, that is, It must be included in the year for which it was requested
  • Applicants are required to submit a separate application to the university of their choice for the desired degree. Please note that as a prerequisite for awarding the scholarship, the candidate must be offered a place in the institution concerned.

Details if Mandela Rhodes Scholarship 2022

  • Field of Study: Mandela Scholarship 2022 covers for Leadership Development Program, and the FRM Leadership Development Program consists of the following components:
  • Three residential workshops;
  • Three groups of regional groups;
  • Mentoring
  • Program for the second year

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  • Host Country

This prestigious scholarship is hosted by Mandela Rhodes Foundation in South Africa, also, It is to be taken in South African institutions.

  • Eligible Countries

Mandela Rhodes Scholarship 2022 is available to citizens of all African countries.

Benefits of Mandela Scholarship

Mandela Rhodes Scholarships 2022 is a  fully-funded scholarship for Africans, the scholarship covers the following student’s expenses:

  • The Study and registration fees determined by the institution
  • Study material as determined by the MRF
  • Allowance for Student’s accommodation and food according to the MRF
  • Medical help as determined by the MRF
  • Allowance for economic class travel for internationals, but then this is applicable only at the beginning and end of their studies.

Apply for Mandela Rhodes Scholarships

Please note that Mandela Rhodes applicants are required to apply online via the application system, accessible via the link below.

The Application Link.

How are Applicants are Selected for Mandela Rhodes Scholarships 2022

Candidates must first apply online through the Embark application system on the MRF website.


All the Applications will be reviewed by South African higher education institutions and the MRF. Subsequently, By the end of June, applicants are informed by the universities and/or the MRF if their application is submitted to the next stage.

Step 2

At the stage an audits is carried out by designated MRF Personnel, and by July ending, the remaining candidates must be informed by the MRF if their application needs to be submitted by the next step.

Step 3

A checks is conducted by MRF designated Personnel, then by August ending,  the remaining candidates must be informed by the MRF if their application has passed or not to the next stage.

Step 4

This is the final stage where interviews with selection committees in October are carried out and  at the end of October, interviewed candidates will get to know via the MRF on they have been selected as Mandela Rhodes Scholars or not

Here is the official scholarship link.


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