Score a 1-Year Costco Membership for Only $20 with This Deal from StackSocial

Score a 1-year Costco membership for only $20 with this deal from StackSocial. Subscription to this platform is still very much $60, but you will however get $40 back automatically in the form of a free digital gift card.

1-Year Costco Membership for Only $20

1-Year Costco Membership for Only $20

With the inflation rates still very much sky-high, you are probably looking to make every penny in your pocket count. And one of the easiest and best ways to save some funds is simply by buying your groceries as well as other everyday essentials in bulk. Most big box stores such as Costco will require a membership to shop there, but right at this moment, we have got a bargain that can help you get to save on the upfront cost.

A Costco Gold Star membership as you should know is typically $60 per year. But when it is you get to sign up right about now via StackSocial, then you will get $40 back automatically in the form of a digital Costco gift card, which drops the price essentially down to only $20.

Availability of the Deal

This very offer for those that don’t know is available only to new customers, or those users whose memberships have expired for over 18 months. There is however no set expiration date for the deal, so there is no telling just how long it’ll remain available. We would recommend that you sign up sooner rather than later if it is that you don’t want to miss out on these excellent savings.

What a Costco Gold Star Subscription Mean

For those that don’t know, with a Costco Gold Star subscription, you will get one membership card for your whole household. It enables you to shop at any Costco warehouse globally, as well as online at And while Costco in question is an excellent place to save on groceries as well as other everyday essentials, the platform also offers a lot more, too. A Gold Star membership also simply means that you can use Costco at gas stations as well as pharmacies, and also at the optical and hearing aid centers of Costco.

What You Can Do After You Sign Up To the Platform

After you reportedly sign up on the platform, you will get your $40 shop card through email. The card in question can be utilized both in-store and online. It is also however worth noting that after it is that you pay for membership via StackSocial, you will have until Jan. 27 to redeem the said membership, or you just may not be able to take advantage of the deal altogether.



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