Jumia Black Friday TV Offers 2022

This is the period where Tv you most desire. Seeing it on Jumia it seems too expensive to get, But now with Jumia Black Friday TV offers you can get a discount on any Tv of your choice.

Jumia Black Friday TV Offers 2022

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Jumia Black Friday TV Offers 2022

There are some things you need to know about the type of TV you pick on Jumia, you cannot see a fine TV and think is suitable and you can get it without knowing the capability. These are different types of TV that you choose from the Jumia Black Friday TV offers:


LED TVs are the most popularly used TV. It uses LEDs (light-emitting diodes) for the backlight element and has better contrast with smooth and lighter colors. They have the best brightness and resolution than regular LCD TVs and they consume less energy than most plasma TVs.

LED TV consumes less power, it provides a brighter display with better contrast, a thinner panel, and lesser heat dissipation than a conventional LCD TV.  You buy an expensive TV and see the value of that TV then get LED TV.


Plasma Tv is a unique product of its own. What makes this product the best are the viewing angles, motion blur, deep blacks, and contrast ratio.

Plasma displays are bright (1000 lux or higher for the display module), have a wide color gamut, they can be produced in large sizes up to 3.8 meters. They have low luminance “dark-room” black level compared to the unilluminated parts LCD screen having a lighter grey.


The LCD is the abbreviation for liquid crystal display. The advantage of getting this product is the cheaper price it offers. They use LED for lighting elements which makes them light in weight and consume less energy.

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Ultra HD TVs

The screen resolution is what makes this TV unique which is what the name implies. Ultra HD TVs give the best details on the screen. Trying to buy this TV is like trying to make a future investment. To give you an option on what TV to buy, then you should buy a 55-inch Ultra HD TV from LG.

Smart TVs

These are TVs that come with internet access and they run third-party apps that enable streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon’s instant Video, Hulu, and even video chat using skype and other internet services. Google Chromebook can be a substitute option because they have the same features as smart TVs.

Terms Associated With TVs

  • Screen Resolution: This is the number of pixels your screen can display, a higher pixel means a higher resolution. Screen resolution comes with horizontal and vertical pixels and usually comes like 3840×2160.
  • Aspect Ratio: The ratio of width to height of an image or TV Screen. And the ratio varies depending on the TV resolution.
  • Contrast Ratio: this is the ratio that shows the difference between a TV’s brightest and darkest settings. This means the higher ratio, the better the Tv will show subtle color details.
  • HDR: This is the abbreviation of High Dynamic Range. This refers to technologies that TV Makers that expand a TV’s range of brightness and improve color accuracy.
  • Refresh Rate: this is the number of times your TV screen displays an image per second. A higher refresh rate means a smoother and more natural-looking motion.
  • Internet Ready TV: This is the television designed to connect to the internet to access online content. With this kind of television, you can stream movies on Streaming apps like Youtube, Netflix, and other streaming channels.
  • Bezel: this refers to the borders around the screen.
  • Pixel: this is the picture element. This is one of the smallest portions of a digital image. The more pixel the higher they create the screen resolution.
  • HD and Full HD TVs: HD TVs refers to High-definition TV and it is a screen with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels which is times two larger than standard television.
  • 4k and UHD TVs: this is a screen resolution with 8 million pixels or four times the pixels of full HD.
  • 8K TV: this is a screen resolution of 7680×4320 pixels.
  • LCDS: this is the abbreviation of Liquid Crystal Display which is a flat panel display made of pixels filled with liquid crystals.
  • LED: this is the abbreviation of light emitting diode which semiconductor that lights when an electric current passes through it.
  • HDMI: this is the abbreviation for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. This is the technology for transmitting high-definition video and audio signals through a cable. These cables help connect the display which is your TV to external devices.
  • Backlighting: there are tiny light sources that are found inside a display that provides the light that makes it brighter and more colorful.

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Jumia Black Friday TV Offers 2022

There are some TV offers under Free Delivery and express tagged. Let’s see.

  • Nexus 32 Inch TV with Full HD, overvoltage Protection, 2-year warranty at Ꞥ71,280.
  • Kuhl 32 Inch HD TV with 90v-270v wide voltage board. 50% from Ꞥ107,988 to Ꞥ53,999.
  • WENYON 32” Inches LED TV, 1-year warranty. 49% from Ꞥ107,624 to Ꞥ54,994.
  • WENYON 24” Inches LED TV, 1-year warranty. 55% from Ꞥ98,412 to Ꞥ43,992.
  • Itel 32” inches A3240GE ICast Feature and overvoltage Protection. 63% from Ꞥ162,330 to Ꞥ60, 602.
  • Scanfrost 32 Inch Classic LED TV SFLED32CL at Ꞥ64,800.
  • UKA 24 Inch LED TV T24E01 in black color. 48% from Ꞥ82,351 to Ꞥ42,999.
  • Infinity 43” SMART TV, with Netflix, Youtube, and free wall hanger. 18% from Ꞥ164,000 to Ꞥ133, 900.
  • UKA 24 Inch LED TV T24E01 black. 48% from Ꞥ82,351 to Ꞥ42,999.
  • Itel 19” inches A23S195 HD LED TV AC + DC. 59% from Ꞥ90,000 to Ꞥ3,994.
  • Syinix 55-inch LED Ultra High Definition Android Smart TV. At Ꞥ281,302.
  • Mooved 43 inches TVs 1080p Full HD LED TV Wall Mount. 13% from Ꞥ123,990 to Ꞥ107,400.
  • Infinity 43” Inches Smart Full HD LED TV + Free Wall Hanger. 37% from Ꞥ205,000 to Ꞥ128,499.
  • Itel 32” Inches A3250 DLED HD TV Overvoltage Protection. 49% from Ꞥ125,471 to Ꞥ63,990.
  • Mooved 32 Inch TV HD LED Digital Satellite, free 1.5M HDMI Cable. 30% from Ꞥ89,500 to Ꞥ62,993.
  • Sonix 40-inch Super HD LED TV, 1-year warranty. 31% from Ꞥ131,999 to Ꞥ90,950.
  • WENYON 40” inches LED TV, 1-year warranty black. 45% from Ꞥ181,090 to Ꞥ99,994.
  • Sanyo 40 inches Full HD LED TV, free wall bracket, and power guard. 10% from Ꞥ105,000.
  • WENYON 40” inches LED TV, 1-year warranty black. 45% from Ꞥ181, 090 to Ꞥ99,994.
  • Infinity 32” Inches Full HD LED TV, free wall hanger, and HDMI wire. 40% from Ꞥ98,000 to Ꞥ58,999
  • WEYON 40” inches LED TV, 1-year warranty black. 45% from Ꞥ181,090 to Ꞥ99,994.
  • Itel 43” inches A4310AE FHD TV with over-voltage protection. 53% from Ꞥ272,941 to Ꞥ128,902.
  • Infinity 50” inch smart full HD 4K screen TV, and free wall hanger. 17% from Ꞥ230,000 to Ꞥ189,900

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What TV is the best decision?

Looking for the best decision to get. The Samsung QN90B is the best decision. This TV uses QLED TV tech that is increased by mini-LED for a brighter image.

Should I wait until Black Friday to buy a TV?

Yes, black Friday is the best to get a Tv because you could get a good deal during the season of Black Friday. TVs are the most purchased electronic. This is because Black Friday falls towards the Holiday season and you would stay home. Staying Home means you would need the relaxation and comfort of your TV.

Are Black Friday Electronics lower Quality?

The TVs and computers made for that day would be of lower quality. It is discovered by CNN and Forbes that major retailers will often sell special electronics that are manufactured by big-name brands.

When Can I buy On Black Friday?

The official date for Black Friday is after thanksgiving which is November 25th, 2022. But brands and retailers are certainly likely to start sales in late October or early November. This was observed in the 2021 holiday season sales.

How does Black Friday Work?

Black Friday is referred to as the day of special shopping deals and big discounts and is the beginning of the holiday shopping season. A day everyone looks forward to getting that item they have always wanted and maybe couldn’t get due to the price but can get it during Black Friday due to the discounts get.

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