How to Buy Quality Good Products on Jumia Black Friday 2022

How to buy quality good products on Jumia Black Friday 2022 should be the next big thing on your mind having heard about black Friday coming up very soon. As you must have known, Jumia is one of the biggest e-commerce online shopping website stores in Nigeria and beyond.

How to Buy Quality Good Products on Jumia Black Friday 2022
How to Buy Quality Good Products on Jumia Black Friday 2022

It celebrates its black Friday every year and promises to make it an outstanding one this year. The event is, however, open to new and existing customers interested in shopping on the site.

How to Buy Quality Good Products on Jumia Black Friday 2022

The Jumia black Friday deals are authentic. However, if you are finding it difficult to participate in the black Friday discount sales, we will give you guides to help you with that. Below are steps to consider if you when to buy a product on Jumia black Friday:

  • Launch the website on your website browser to access the website or you can click on
  • Click on the “account” button at the top right of the website.
  • Login to your account using the “sign in” button and enter your “email”.
  • Then click on the “Continue” button below the form given. However, if you don’t have an account, you will have to register for one by clicking on the “register” button below the login form.
  • When you must have created an account, you can then use the search bar at the top of the website to look for the item you want or the category.
  • When you have found it, then click on it.
  • Tap on the “buy now” button on the right side.
  • Click on the “check out” button.
  • Enter a payment means.
  • Input your payment details and tap continue.

Follow the process on the website to complete the process on the site.

How to Find the Best Deals on Jumia Black Friday

Almost everyone will be searching for deals on black Friday, so it may be a little difficult for most people. Hence, if care is not taken, you may miss out on great deals because the item got sold out or the sales time must have ended. On that note, we will be giving you the best ways to get Jumia Black Friday deals:

Free Vouchers

You can get amazing deals on Jumia by using the free vouchers. With it, you can be able to get an extra 10% off products during the black Friday sales. Furthermore, you can also get as much as an extra N3000 off during the black Friday event. You can simply access the vouchers by going to the Jumia page. However, you must remember that this offer s only available on the Jumia app.

Flash Sales

Jumia flash sales offer generous discounts on limited-stock items, up to 70% off. Hence, if you want to get your hands on items during this discount period you should order as soon as possible.

Exclusive Deily Deals

Black Friday would be starting soon and there is going to be an exclusive daily deal on most products till the end of the month. However, all you need to do is visit the Jumia app and see deals on different items. Hence, if you are not having the Jumia application, you will have to download it.

Weekend Super Savers

You can get amazing deals on Jumia and an extra 10% when you are shopping on black Friday weekends. However, it’s only available if you are paying with your credit card.

Treasure Hunt

You can get an item almost free during the treasure hunt at a 99% discount. The treasure hunt game is fiercely competitive and only for the prepaid purchased. To participate in the treasure hunt, you have to first sign in to your account and then click on the Jumia black Friday treasure hunt image. However, you must remember that the item you are hunting for is always hidden in another category and disguised as another name.

Jumia Black Friday Sales

There are lots of items you can get on Jumia and on that special day, you will be able to get all you need almost free. Here are some things you can get on Jumia:

Phones and Laptops

Black Friday is sure a good time to get your hands on good deals for phones and laptops. Brands like Lenovo, Xiaomi, Oppo, Itel, Hp, Samsung, Intel, Asus, and lots more. There are all offering great deals on their products.


This event would allow you to get fashionable and beautiful clothing and shoes. Brands such as Adidas, Defector, Nike, Mini Focus, Aomei and others have partnered with Jumia to give amazing discounts on clothing, shoes and accessories. You will be able to save a lot while shopping on this platform.

Home Appliance and Gadgets

It’s almost a festive period and you will be needing the right home appliance to make a productive day with less effort. So, you can get a great deal on your favourite home appliances like blenders, refrigerators, washing machines, air condition units and more.

Is Jumia Black Friday only on Fridays?

No. However, you can get a huge discount every Friday on lots of products at JUMIA Nigeria. You can get the mobile phone you have been wishing for. This is because black Friday Nigeria offers giveaways, amazing deals and coupons not just on Fridays but also from Monday to Thursday also.

Jumia Black Friday Coupon

These are codes used to get a discount when you place an older product at Jumia. It is also an alternative means of payment. However, if you do not have a coupon code, you can go ahead and ignore the coupon section and place an order. The code is set on some products and if your product does not have it you will have to stick with the available discount.

What is Jumia Black Friday?

Jumia Black Friday is a special day when an online event of the year where massive discounts are on offer to both new and existing customers across all product categories. In this season customers are given the privilege to shop at discount.

When is Jumia Black Friday 2022?

The Jumia black Friday event will be held on the 4th of November 2022. And they went will run throughout the week. This information is important to those who would be thinking the event is just for Friday.

Is the Black Friday sale only One Day?

No, the black Friday sales are not just for one day they will run from the 4th of November to on the 30th of November. Well, you should take advantage of this and get started with shopping on the platform.



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