7 Practical Ways to Overcome Procrastination

7 practical ways to overcome procrastination – what is procrastination? How does it affect me? Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing a task or set of tasks.

7 Practical Ways to Overcome Procrastination
7 Practical Ways to Overcome Procrastination

It is one of the main barriers blocking you from getting up, making the right decision and living your dream life. It is easy to see procrastination as an act of laziness, but that is not the case for millions of individuals.

7 Practical Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination will stand in your way if you let it. Most times it may not seem like a big deal, but once it gets out of hand, it can destroy your potential. There are different ways to overcome procrastination, and we will be giving you 7 practical ways that an individual can overcome it. Since it is difficult to address procrastination head-on, here are some strategies that you can use to set the odds in your favour.

Visualize your Future

One of the ways that you can overcome procrastination is by visualizing your future. Visualizing your future means planning what you would want your future to look like in a couple of years to come.

To visualize what you want your future to look like, you must write down the things that you would like to achieve in your life and then create a plan on how you can achieve them.  Once you have a vision and a set plan to get there, it is easier to complete your tasks and move closer to your goals.

Stick to a Schedule

This is another practical way that you can overcome procrastination.  Sticking to a schedule can help an individual complete his or her task. The ability to stick to a schedule means that you believe that your time is costly.

To stick to a schedule, you must create realistic deadlines, always give tasks your undivided attention, and train yourself to avoid distractions. You can also keep sticky notes, a journal or a calendar to help remind you to get a task done in case you forget.

Change your Work Environment

Most time changing your work environment can help you overcome procrastination. This is because the most time you are more likely to be distracted by the temptations in your environment, therefore resulting in procrastination.

Disorderly desks and environment can make it hard to focus on the task at hand, and can also serve as an effective distraction. However, by changing your work environment you can get more work done and you see how it impacts your productivity

Keep a Positive Influence Around You

Though you love kicking back beer and having fun with your friends on weekends, the truth remains that some of your friends might not be good for you. The constant invitation of friends’ to hangouts can be quite a distraction during the weekdays.

And most time some of your friends might not be in support of your goals and might tell you to give up on your dream. This is because they don’t think that you have what it takes to make your dreams come through. You shouldn’t keep friends who aren’t helping you work towards your goal in life.

Though it might seem like no one is holding you back, surrounding yourself with the wrong set of people can affect your productivity and your goals in life.  To be able to overcome procrastination, you should make friends with people who challenge you and not people who promote procrastination.

Create a Not to do List

When you give room to procrastination, you tend to end up doing unnecessary tasks instead of you creating productive outputs. By creating a list of not-to-do lists, you can be able to write down all the distractions you face during your day and then you can work on how you can fix them.

The not to do list includes all of the bad habits that keep you busy throughout your day. Know what your main distraction is and write them down, and put them on your desks so you will be reminded to avoid them.

Find a Mentor

Having a mentor is also another way that you can overcome procrastination. A mentor is a person who can support, advise and guide you. Mentors are like your own private coach. They help you understand your goals and what you can do to make them happen.

By choosing the right mentor, you can give yourself a couch that will help you stop procrastination. A mentor will also help you stay focused on achieving your goals in life.  A mentor will also motivate you and give you reasons to get started on your goals

Have a Support System

This is another way to overcome procrastination. A support system means that you have a connection with people that can provide you with emotional or practical support.  A supporter can either be your parent, your siblings, your co-worker or anyone. They can check up on your at least once in a while. this will make it difficult to stray off your path and also keep you in line. They can also support you with monetary issues and make sure that you achieve your goals in life.


Below are some of the most frequently asked on the 7 Practical Ways to Overcome Procrastination

What is an Antonym for Procrastinate?

Antonyms are the opposite meaning of a word. The antonym for procrastinating is eagerness, readiness, completion etc.

What are ways to Avoid Procrastination?

There are several ways that you can avoid procrastination, they include;

  • Set small goals
  • Focus on your tasks
  • Remove distractions
  • Forgive yourself
  • Organize your tasks.
  • Learn to say no.

Is There a 12 -Steps Program for Procrastination

Yes, there is. The 12- step program provides clear and helpful signposts along the way, reminders of direction and a purse.

How do you Overcome your Fear and Procrastination?

There are different ways that you can deal with your fears that are causing you to procrastinate.

  • Identify your fear
  • Address your fear
  • Consider the negative impact of your fears.
  • Question your fear
  • Consider the advantages of overcoming your fear.

What are the Four (4) Types of Procrastinators

The four types of procrastinators include; the performer, the overbooker, the novelty seeker, and the self-deprecator



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