Jumia black Friday 2022 – How to be Part of Flash Sales Deals

The time of the year everyone looks forward to is Jumia Black Friday. This is the biggest event of the year, wait not just any kind of event but the biggest shopping event of the year where prices are at an affordable rate.

Jumia black Friday 2022

Every Year Jumia makes a specific day of discount for new and existing customers for all categories of products from smartphones, electronics, kitchen appliances, and others.

The discount we are talking about is not a small discount but a massive discount and if you are looking forward to getting a product and you have not gotten it then look forward to the Black Friday sales. There would also be deal offers from flash sales, treasure hunts, free vouchers, and others.

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When is Jumia Black Friday 2022

Since everyone is looking forward to this wonderful day, there are also curious about the date. Fortunately, Jumia Black Friday starts from 4th November to 30th November 2022.

This year is going to be better than ever as Jumia would marking its profit season celebration. In the reference to the big day and the profit season celebration, there would be crazy discount offers.

Payment Of Method

There are different methods of paying for your products. Luckily for us, Jumia does not have a restricted means of payment. There is Jumia Pay which supports MasterCard, Verve and Visa, and even bank transfers. So you can use the method that you can use and get your product.

On the aspect of shipping, if you are buying from another state you spend less on Jumia shipping. You might be wondering why, this is because Jumia offers free shipping for customers from different states. Note that Jumia free shopping is associated with online shopping.

What To Expect from Jumia Black Friday 2022

There is a lot we expect from Jumia Black Friday 2022 because it is going to be a grand sale with a lot of wonderful offers.

Flash Sales: The everyday deals you don’t want to miss. You might be wondering why it is called flash sales, that is because the items in flash sales are limited in stock and they can sell out quickly. You get a 70% off any product purchased on flash sales.

How to be part of Flash Sales Deals

To be part of this sale you have to be fast and smart. To begin with, Have you signed up with Jumia? If you have not you cannot be part of this sale. Because you would need to log in to your account and navigate to the Flash sales page.

Make sure to visit the page constantly and refresh the page before the Flash sale time. Once it starts immediately click on “buy now” to order instantly.

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Some Products on the Flash Sales Deal you would like to see

  1. Kuhl 32-inch HD TV With 90v -270v wide voltage board. 50% from Ꞥ107,988 to Ꞥ53,999.
  2. Djack Bluetooth Home Theater has 2 years warranty. 69% from Ꞥ145,000 to Ꞥ44,890.
  3. Samsung 43 inches AU8100 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV. 17% from Ꞥ450,000 to Ꞥ375,000.
  4. Samsung 65” AU7700 Crystal 4K UHD Smart (2020). 11% from Ꞥ700,000 to Ꞥ625,000.
  5. Blue Gate 1.53KVA UPS (uninterrupted power supply) with Surge Protection. 33% from Ꞥ72,950 to Ꞥ48,995.
  6. Outdoor/ Indoor A11 Home Theatre Bluetooth Boom Box. 11% from Ꞥ14,610 to Ꞥ12,990.
  7. LG 2350Watts XBoom Bluetooth HiFi Home Theater System CL87. 32% from Ꞥ300,000 to Ꞥ204,999.

There are more categories of products you should check out. What are you waiting for? Head to the Flash Sales page on your Jumia App.

Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt

Another event that we are to look forward to is the

This is a tremendous part of the Jumia Black Friday having a 99% off on every product you choose. Normally hearing the name Treasure hunt is like looking for the place where the treasure is hidden. That is exactly what customers would be doing at the Treasure hunt event. Items with almost 99% off would be hidden randomly among other products you have to search them out yourself. Before you check out the rules Some rules guide this event which are:

  1. A clue will be provided on the Jumia Mobile App to know to start the search.
  2. Note that only one item is available for each treasure hunt.
  3. Date and the time is shown on the calendar.
  4. Another thing that makes it sound like a treasure is an item you are going to be searching for would be hidden randomly on the website.
  5. Once you find that product, make sure to order it fast.

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When Does Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt Start?

This is another event that makes everyone anxious about what this year’s treasure hunts entail. It starts on Friday 4th of November at 12:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Friday 11th of November at 11:00 AM, and Friday 25th of November noon:00 AM0AM and 6:00 PM

Jumia Express Tagged Products

At this event, you enjoy free shipping or even a discount on your shipping fee. This is only for products with the express tag on them, But if the product you want does not have an express tag on it, then you can subscribe to Jumia Prime for faster and free delivery on any goods you choose to get.

Jumia Wheel of Fortune

This is a game that consists of a turning wheel that has an arrow to show whether you have won, lost, or have a percentage discount. To be part of this game you have to have the Jumia App or you can use your browser and go directly through Jumia by typing in Jumia App & Click on SPN.

If you happen to become a winner you are to screenshot the wheel where it stops and post the screenshot on Facebook with the hashtags #spinandWindate Eg: #spinandWin17 e.t.c.

To have many likes you can tell your friends and family to like the post because the post with the highest likes of a minimum of 1000 likes is declared the winner.

Rules are associated with the game which are:

  • All Jumia employers and vendors with all 4th layer families are not to participate in the game.
  • The winner will have to come to Jumia’s headquarter in Lagos to receive their prize. This is only if the prize is not a voucher.
  • Those who have participated and won the game are not permitted to win the game.

Weekend Offers

This is the offer where you get a 10% discount on any purchase or order you make every weekend which is Friday to Sunday. There would be fast shipping of any product you order. To be able to be part of this discount every weekend during this Black Friday Event, you are to have the Jumia mobile app to order whatever you want because this is going to be a discount exclusively for apps.

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What will Jumia Black Friday Start?

The 2022 Jumia Black Friday counts down has begun. It begins from 4th November to 30th November. You would find great bargains on different categories like the latest and best tech so far, electronics, children’s kinds of stuff, beauty, health, fashion, and many other categories.

What is the percentage discount on Jumia Black Friday?

What is the percentage discount on products during this season? The good news is that this season you can enjoy a 99% discount on any product in different categories.

Is Jumia Black Friday Only On Fridays?

It is not as the name implies Black Friday, there are offers from Monday to Thursday. There are also activities like giveaways, amazing deals, and coupons. But on Friday you can enjoy huge discounts on the products of your dream.

What do Flash Sales mean on Jumia?

These are selected products offered at very low prices almost 90% deduction from the initial amount. But the products placed on this offer are usually in a limited quantity and they are very specific.

What does 10 years deal on Jumia mean?

Jumia is an e-commerce company that launched its anniversary sales campaign which offers a lot of Nigerian fantastic deals on different varieties of products. This anniversary aims to remember customers who have shopped with Jumia over the 10 years.

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