Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt 2022: Complete Clues on How to Win

If you are a customer or a loyal fan of the brand Jumia, you must have heard of the Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt. This write-up will further broaden your knowledge of the Jumia treasure hunt and give you useful and complete tips on how to win.

Jumia Treasure Hunt 2022

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Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt 2022: Complete Clues on How to Win

The Jumia treasure hunt is one of the best ways to get some of the best deals during the festivities of Jumia like the Jumia black Friday, the Jumia Anniversary, Jumia tech week, and the brand festival.

If you are still very new to this concept, read the next part of this article to get a clearer understanding of what we are talking about.

Jumia Treasure Hunt

To formally begin our discussion, it will be very nice to get a proper definition of the concept “Jumia treasure hunt”. The Treasure hunt is hosted by Jumia in events and celebrations like Black Friday, Anniversary, etc.

During the treasure hunt, customers are given a series of ideas and clues to search for treasured products that are hidden in other categories not related to the gift or treasured items.

The major benefit of getting these items is that they carry heavy discounts. Some of them are discounted at 99% off in most cases. Once it is found, you are expected to quickly purchase it before someone else does.

It takes an average of 20 to 15 minutes to find these treasures and clues are given to customers to help them increase their chances of finding these items.

It is worth noting that not everybody will win this treasure hunt eventually. To increase your chance of winning, take a look at the various tips in this article.

When is Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt 2022

The treasure hunt is close by as it will begin on the 4th of November 2022. It will take place on the following dates; 11th, 18th, and 25th of November, 2022.

The treasure hunt will follow the schedule below;

Friday 4th November 2022 – 12:00 AM and 06:00 PM

Friday 11th November 2022 – 11:00 AM

Friday 25th November 2022 – 12:00 AM and 06:00 PM

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How Does Jumia Treasure Hunt Work   

To take part in the Jumia treasure hunt, follow the steps given below;

  • Get the Jumia app from the mobile store if your device.
  • After you have done that, with a connected internet network open the Jumia app.
  • When you get to the home page of the application, you will be required to login into your Jumia Account with your official email and your password.
  • After that, your search can begin at the already specified time.
  • Search according to the categories suggested by Jumia
  • To locate the item, note that each item has only one available unit and is given at 99% off.
  • Now, keep searching for the treasure item until you find it
  • Also, note that the item may be hidden in an unrelated category
  • Immediately you find the item, place an order for it immediately

Note that the Jumia treasure hunt is only available on the Jumia mobile app and does not have cash on delivery payments.

How To Find Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt in 2022

Here are some special clues to easily find the treasure;

  • Open your Jumia application
  • To get search clues, click on the Treasure Hunt banner
  • Start searching according to the clues given by the Treasure Hunt Banner
  • Discover the treasure
  • Make payments immediately with Jumia Pay.

These are some of the major clues to help you win in this ordeal. Some others will be listed later in the article, keep reading.

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Jumia Treasure Hunt 2022 Terms and Conditions

Not everyone can take part in the Jumia treasure hunt and there are some rules guiding it. take a look at them below;

Eligibility Criteria of The Jumia Treasure Hunt

Here are some qualifying criteria for the treasure hunt;

  • You must be prepared to be physically present at the Jumia corporate office to pick up your item after winning
  • The winner must agree that his or her pictures will be used for promotional purposes
  • Your identity must be verified online with a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account.
  • To participate, you must not be a previous winner of the Jumia treasure hunt.
  • Only one treasure hunt item can be bought by a customer during this exercise.

Rules of the Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt

Here are the rules guiding the Jumia treasure hunt.

  • Only one item is available per treasure hunt and this item is almost free
  • The item for the day (treasure) is hidden randomly on the website. all other items will remain in their particular positions.
  • The Jumia treasure hunt day and time are shown on the calendar
  • Clues are given on the Jumia mobile app. Therefore, it is a major requirement to log in to your account on the app a few minutes before the contest starts
  • You can use your clues to know where exactly to search
  • You are advised to order your item immediately after you find it
  • There is no pay-on-delivery option for items purchased in this contest.

Jumia Treasure Hunt Clues

Here are some other clues you must know about if you want to be successful on this treasure hunt.

  • Treasure hunt items are usually announced on all the social media handles of Jumia. So, when you follow Jumia on all these channels, you will have a better chance of getting firsthand information and clues.
  • Always bear in mind that there is always one item available for the treasure hunt products announced.
  • These items can be hidden anywhere across the Jumia website.
  • To find the item, you must search thoroughly across all the shopping categories of Jumia. This is because it is very improbable for the treasure item to appear in its normal category.
  • To get a higher advantage of having this item, place an order for it immediately after you find it.

How To Win Jumia Treasure Hunt

The Jumia treasure hunt is loaded with lots of goodies available at amazing prices. These are deals that you do not want to miss out on.

Most often, you will have items available at a 99% discount. To get a higher chance of winning any of these items, follow the tips below;

Download The Jumia App

The treasure hunt is used by Jumia to encourage people to download their mobile application. The hunt takes place in the app. Therefore, it is only advisable to have the app downloaded and installed on your device.

The app is available on both the Google play store and the Apple store. Also, make sure the app is opened very close to the appointed time to avoid missing your deal.

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Use the Jumia Hunt Banner

Some helpful tips are often released by Jumia to increase your chances of becoming successful in this contest. Therefore, you are advised to click on the tips tab to get better ideas.

This can only be accessed after you log in to your Jumia mobile app.

Follow Jumia on social media

Tips are announced by Jumia on their social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can hardly get access to these tips unless you are a follower of Jumia on these platforms.

Place an Order Immediately

There is no need to waste time here. Immediately you find the treasure item, place an order immediately. This is so that you do not miss your chance of winning. There are thousands of people searching for these items and the fasters fingers will get the prize.

Checkout Fast with Jumia Pay

One very fast way to make payments and be ahead of other people is the Jumia pay.

Jumia pay is the payment gateway for jumia.com.

As a user of Jumia pay, ensure that a card is attached to your device to avoid wastage of time.

Use a Very Fast Internet Connection

In a game of mobiles and internet-enabled devices, the person with the fastest internet connection wins. If you have a very fast internet connection, there is a higher chance that you will discover the treasure item before anyone else and place your order as fast as possible.

Never Give Up

In these types of contests, patience is a very valid key. To succeed here, you have to be patient with undiluted and dedicated concentration.

You can keep searching until you find the required item. The winner will be announced on all of Jumia’s social media platforms. Unless a winner has been announced, keep searching until you find the treasure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jumia Treasure Hunt Real?

Of course, it is. it has been a continuous practice in Jumia from times past. Lots of people have received rewards from it.

Who Won the Jumia Treasure Hunt 2021?

On December 2021, Mrs. Stephanie Gara who bought an iPhone 13 at N6,850 said she had been on the countdown even before the black Friday promo started and was very determined to be the winner.

How Do you Find Jumia Treasure Hunt in 2022?

Take the following steps;

  • Open your Jumia mobile application
  • Click on the treasure hunt banner for clues
  • Start your search
  • Find the treasure
  • Check out immediately with Jumia pay.

What Time Does Jumia Treasure Hunt Start?

It will take place on the following dates; 11th, 18th, and 25th of November, 2022, precisely by 12 am and 6 pm respectively.

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