B&H Slashes Up To $2,900 off M1 Macs Ahead of Apple’s Upcoming Event

B&H slashes up to $2,900 off M1 Macs ahead of Apple’s upcoming event. Get your hands on a great deal on a very fast Mac device just before these previous-gen models get to go away for good.

B&H Slashes $2,900 off M1 Macs

B&H Slashes $2,900 off M1 Macs

Apple just might be getting ready to launch new Macs as part of the company’s ‘Scary Fast’ event in the latter parts of today, but you really don’t have to wait that long to get your hands on a super-speedy computer at an excellent price. B&H Photo as you should know is at the moment offering some really deep discounts across the MacBook Pro and Mac Studio lineups, and not to even mention the MacBook Air. And all it is that you have to do is get your order in now before it is too late.

These very deals as mentioned already in this offer are all available today with some big savings to be had. The best deal in this offer altogether gets you a whopping $2,900 off, thus making the well-specced and upgraded M1 Ultra Mac Studio only $5,099.

Specs and Features of the Discounted M1 Macs

That Mac Studio price as you should know might just sound like a whole lot, but you also do get a lot of computers. There is the M1 Ultra chip of course, but that as you should know is reportedly paired with 128GB of RAM as well as an 8TB SSD which should be over enough for even the most demanding of users out there.

Other Products Available In This Offer

Are you on the lookout to pick up a great portable Mac? A tricked-out 16-inch MacBook Pro is at the moment available in two different colors for only $2,900 which offers you a whopping saving of $1,900 and all of this without having to remember to enter any discount codes or get to clip any coupons, too. There are many other options that are available in this offer and this is including discounts on 14-inch MacBook Pro models as well as the 13-inch MacBook Air.



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