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Speaking of Costco Shop Card, Are you looking for a retail store that has all the kinds of goods you need such as books, electronics, foods, cosmetics, and other products? This sounds more like a specialty store. It is well known as an American multinational company and has its branches in over 12 countries along in 804 locations. It deals not only with merchandise but also has a filling station too.


The company wholesale corporation as it is best known was known as the world’s largest retailer of the year 2016. Presently, it’s among the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest US corporation by total revenue coming out as the 10th position. You need to have a membership card to get shopping access that’s if you are wondering you could get a day pass to the company. Although, you can get a written order from a physician or nurse practitioner for administrating medicine at their pharmacy.

Costco Free Membership

As it may sound, don’t come thinking that the corporation offers free membership, you must have to pay an amount of $60 a year to attain a membership card. There are not even free membership offered for trial, it’s not done in any of the company locations, even if you are to go on Google to search for Costco near me and you found one, make inquiries. Surprisingly, you will get some feedback.

Nevertheless, like the old saying goes ‘over, under, around, or through, there is always a way. Although, not everyone has such an amount, not because they can’t pay but at times, you might be on a budget and looking for a way to cut costs or better say cut down your expenses. However, there a ways to go on shopping at the company without having a membership card

Getting Prescription

To keep life going, we need to always check our health. For without good health, living long can’t be on your agenda. So, that’s why Costco has taken it upon themselves not to request a membership card in getting prescriptions. Besides, the pharmacy offers prescriptions at a low cost. So, you move on to a company located near you to get a prescription without having to think of membership.

Costco Online Shopping

This might sound funny. Don’t you know that having to be a Costco member is not a requirement to shop online? Through your facial expression, I don’t think you know. Although I can’t see you, I just second-guess. So, back to business; if you want to go online shopping, then go to and begin shopping. Though, you would be asked to pay an additional fee worth 5% as being not a member except for prescriptions.

Costco Shop Card

To get a shop card requires you to behave a membership but you don’t need to be a member to use one. So, by that rule, you can get one of these Costco shopping carts from a member by paying them and it ranges from $25 – $2000. However, the shop card usually reloaded if it gets finished only by a member. If using this method, you must need a member that is close to you and try to pay for the maximum amount so as not to let the reloading be a bit of a problem.


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