Rivia Reportedly Acquires Waffle to Help Digitize Primary Care Clinics

Ghanaian healthtech firm Rivia reportedly acquires Waffle, a SaaS company to help digitize primary care clinics.

Rivia Reportedly Acquires Waffle to Help Digitize Primary Care Clinics

Rivia, a health technology startup based in Ghana, has made a significant move by acquiring Waffle, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider catering to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). The aim behind this acquisition is to enhance the digitization of primary care clinics and streamline their operations.

Rivia Reportedly Acquires Waffle to Help Digitize Primary Care Clinics

Rivia, previously known as Waffle, has taken a big step forward by rebranding its hospital management and inventory tools as RiviaOS. With this move, Rivia now oversees the operation of these tools. Additionally, Victor Nara, the founder of Waffle, has transitioned to the role of Chief Technology Officer at Rivia.

Isidore Kpotufe, who previously served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Treepz, launched Rivia in January 2024 with the vision of partnering with clinics to provide comprehensive support in management, technology, financing, and customer acquisition.

Partner Clinics to Benefit From Management Support and Technology Solutions

Under Rivia’s partnership model, partner clinics benefit from management support and technology solutions, with Rivia receiving a commission from the revenue generated by these clinics each month. However, one of the terms of affiliation for partner clinics is co-branding.

Waffle’s Acquisition by Rivia

Despite being in business for just over a year, Waffle was swiftly acquired by Rivia within three months of the latter’s launch. Waffle’s former platform, now known as RiviaOS, serves as Rivia’s Healthcare-as-a-Service (HaaS) solution.

It offers features such as appointment scheduling, service storefronts, and consultations, and utilizes artificial intelligence for health diagnosis, e-pharmacy, e-lab services, vital sign capture, billing, and inventory management.

Commenting on the acquisition, Kpotufe praised Waffle’s CEO for his valuable insights into both business and technology, which facilitated the deal.

Meanwhile, Victor Nara emphasized the alignment of values between Rivia and Waffle, expressing confidence that their combined strengths and resources will create more value, options, and opportunities for clinics, customers, partners, and employees.

“We will also be able to accelerate our innovation, expand our reach, and enhance our impact,” he stated.

Digital Health Services in Ghana

In Ghana, more people are using digital health services, and experts predict that the market will make about $171 million in 2024 and over $250 million by 2028. The biggest part of this market is expected to be fitness and well-being, showing that Ghanaians are becoming more interested in taking care of their health.

The report also mentions that telemedicine services are becoming more popular in Ghana, especially in areas far from hospitals, making it easier for people to get medical help when they need it.



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