MTN Cameroon Leads Discussion on Digital Human Rights Protection

MTN Cameroon recently hosted the Digital Human Rights Café in Yaounde, reaffirming its commitment to fostering a safer and more responsible digital environment while safeguarding users’ rights online.

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MTN Cameroon Leads Discussion on Digital Human Rights Protection

The event brought together human rights c to address the growing challenge of online abuse and advocate for the importance of human rights principles in online safety.

Edouard Tamba, MTN Cameroon’s environmental, social, and governance manager, emphasized the company’s dedication to respecting its clients’ rights in alignment with international standards.

He highlighted MTN’s belief in the freedom of digital communication and its commitment to upholding privacy and information security without unwarranted interference.

Significance of Applying Enduring Human Rights Principles

Julie Mballa, a gender and human rights specialist at the United Nations Development Programme Cameroon, stressed the significance of applying enduring human rights principles in the digital world to ensure the protection of human rights in the modern era.

Fonyuy Kiven Timothy, a human rights officer at the United Nations Human Rights Central African Regional Office, underscored the importance of understanding and safeguarding digital rights in today’s technologically driven world, emphasizing their crucial role in preserving human rights amid rapid technological advancements.