Amazon Pulls Out of Cashierless Grocery Stores

Amazon has announced its decision to remove its cashierless Just Walk Out technology from grocery stores, signaling a retreat from an ambitious system aimed at allowing shoppers to bypass checkout lines.

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Amazon Withdrawals from Cashierless Grocery Stores

The removal of the system will coincide with the remodeling of existing Fresh grocery stores, and it will not be featured in new locations slated to open later this year, according to an Amazon spokesman.

Tony Hoggett, Amazon’s senior vice president of grocery stores, initiated a comprehensive overhaul of the company’s grocery business upon joining in 2022. The move comes as Amazon faces challenges in gaining market share in an industry dominated by giants like Walmart and Kroger.

Initially relying on ceiling-mounted cameras and shelf sensors, backed by algorithms, the Just Walk Out system determined the items shoppers took from the store and automatically charged them upon exit.

While the technology debuted in 2018 with a convenience store at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, it later expanded to Amazon Go-branded convenience stores, Fresh Stores, and select Whole Foods Market locations.

However, the cashierless system faced criticism from some shoppers who felt alienated by entry gates and the perceived transformation of grocery shopping into a high-tech vending experience. Additionally, digital receipts, received minutes to hours after checkout, proved impractical for larger shopping trips.

Amazon Scaled Back its Ambitions for Dash Cart

Amazon has scaled back its ambitions for Dash Cart as well, shifting from camera-based identification of items to a reliance on traditional scanners, although shoppers can still use a touchscreen to ring up merchandise without barcodes.

Despite this retreat, Amazon Go stores will continue to utilize the Just Walk Out technology, and the company intends to license it to other retailers. Additionally, smaller stores in the UK will retain the system.



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