Bitwarden is Introducing Passkey Support to Its Password Manager

The browser extension can now store passkeys for supported websites, but you’ll need to wait a bit longer for full support in its mobile apps.

Bitwarden is Introducing Passkey Support to Its Password Manager
Bitwarden is Introducing Passkey Support to Its Password Manager

Bitwarden, one of our top choices among free password managers, is introducing passkey support in its latest browser extension version. Passkeys utilize your device’s pin, face, or fingerprint for authentication, providing a more secure and convenient option compared to traditional passwords, and they are also more resistant to phishing attacks.

Bitwarden is Introducing Passkey Support to Its Password Manager

The company has announced passkey support in the upcoming 2023.10 release, but it seems like the update is currently rolling out. As of now, I can still find the previous 2023.9.2 version on the Chrome Web Store. However, I can confirm that it’s functional on Safari with the latest version of Bitwarden’s Mac app and extension. This feature rollout aligns with the support from Apple and Google’s built-in password managers, as well as competing third-party password managers like 1Password.

Unlocking a New Era of Security: Bitwarden’s Passkey Integration

Bitwarden’s latest release enables the storage and use of passkeys through its browser extensions. They’ve also released a couple of instructional videos demonstrating how the process functions. When a compatible website attempts to create a passkey, the browser will prompt you to save it as a new login method.

Later, when you return to the same website, it will inquire if you want to log in with this passkey. According to Bitwarden, you can authenticate a passkey login using a PIN, pattern, password, or biometrics, depending on your device.

While passkeys may not be as widely supported as traditional passwords, more websites are adopting them as a login option.

You can check this community-run database to see which websites support passkey login. In recent months, major players like Amazon, Google, and Nintendo have been taking steps to support and promote passkey usage.

Bitwarden now allows you to store and log in with passkeys through its browser extensions, but you can’t currently store passkeys in the company’s mobile app. According to Bitwarden’s FAQ, they have plans to include this feature in a future release.

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