Dashlane and NordPass Now Support Passkeys on Android 14

Dashlane and NordPass now support passkeys on Android 14. The new Android 14 mobile operating system as you should know now brings passkey support for third-party managers.

Dashlane and NordPass Passkeys on Android 14

Dashlane and NordPass Passkeys on Android 14

Both Dashlane and NordPass have announced that they will reportedly be supporting passkeys on the just newly released Android 14 mobile OS.

The news in question follows hot the heels of previous announcements of both password managers to support passkeys on iOS 17 for iPhone, which started rolling out to users in the month of September. Mobile users of both platforms can now create and make use of passkeys with Dashlane and NordPass on their respective devices.

Dashlane also has revealed new data that claims that people who make use of passkeys are 70% much more likely to sign-in to a given service than just when they make use of passwords, which the company in question believes shows just how much easier it is they are to use.

How the New Service Will Work

When you go to create a passkey for a certain service on Android 14, a pop-up will immediately appear, asking if it is that you want to save the passkey with either the password managers or if it is that you have them installed already.

You should also know that there is an option to “Save another way,” if it is that you want to save the passkey with another service, such as the proprietary password manager of Google. This very same pop-up will appear on devices of iOS 17 decent.

What Saving Passkeys with a Third-Party Manager Means

Saving passkeys with a third-party manager like Dashlane or NordPass means that you can use them across all your devices that are compatible with the managers, which includes desktops – Windows, Mac, and even Linux – as well various internet browsers with the relevant extension installed.

Many more services are starting to support passkeys for users to log in to their accounts with, after a first slow uptake. Dashlane even has a very useful directory revealing which services support them, although the list in question isn’t all exhaustive.

Prominent Brands That Support Passkeys

And aside from the big tech firms as well as other password managers, prominent brands that support passkeys are inclusive of eBay, PayPal, and BestBuy. This in question also looks as if WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and X (formerly known as Twitter) will reportedly be adding support soon too.

Passkeys Are Governed By the FIDO Alliance

Passkeys in question are governed by the FIDO Alliance, which in case you don’t know is a cross-industry association that has the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft, as well as others on its board. They are initially thought to be safer as well as even more convenient, since the fact that they are phishing resistant. This in question is simply because no one really knows what the cryptographic keys actually are and not even the user.

What Is Required To Use Passkeys

All that is required to make use of them is whatever it is that you use to lock your device, which typically means your fingerprint, face, or even PIN. Physical security keys in question can also be used to authenticate them too.

Passkey Support for Dashlane and NordPass Availability on Android 14

Passkey support for Dashlane on Android 14 as you should have known already looks to be available for all users at the moment, while only a third of NordPass Android 14 users on the other hand have support at the moment, although it will reportedly be rolled out to all its users in the next couple of days.



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