Redfall Is Now Playable On Steam Deck

Redfall is now playable on Steam Deck but only with the right settings, such as 720p 40/40 with a side of FSR 2.1 Ultra Performance.

Redfall on Steam Deck

Redfall on Steam Deck

Reviews from the game haven’t been all that recently. A user recently said he was not convinced that the game is good after spending close to four hours playing it unless there is a lot of hidden depth to it. The recent reviews make the game feel like such a rare miss from Arkane.

But unlike the other recent major release, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you can now make it playable on the Steam Deck with a couple of easy tweaks. Well, I am not trying to sell that it will be looking good, but I do know that it will be a lot better than the default setting.

The Recommended Fix

Now, with all that out of the way, what’s the magic fix to it? The game seems to default to 800p medium spec on the Deck if you have played it, and right now with a form of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR 2.1 Quality) that is seemingly not working on the Deck as of this moment.

You can instead turn the game at 1280 x 720p, low spec, with FSR 2.1 Ultra Performance. And while it may make the game look a tad bit muddy in its motion, it will make it playable.

More Recommended Tweak

However, before you begin playing, here is one more recommended tweak. Pull up the quick settings menu of the deck and then under performances, you should set your Refresh Rate to 40Hz and Frame Limiter to 40fps. That being done would improve the battery life and energy. But you should know that when you lock the refresh rate and FPS at 40 each, you may see a drop in wattage.

That being said until AMD and Bethesda issue a fix now for the said issue, this is a recommendation for users who want to play Redfall on the Deck.



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