Redfall Will Not Have 60fps at Its Launch on Xbox

Redfall will not have 60fps at its launch on Xbox. The game however will be getting a performance mode in a reported update but at a very much later date.

Redfall Launch on Xbox

Redfall Launch on Xbox

Redfall, which is set to be one of the biggest Xbox releases from Microsoft and Bethesda for the year, will not be having a 60fps performance mode on consoles at its launch, developer Arkane Austin on Wednesday made the announcement. The game instead will be limited to a quality mode that allows for 30fps at 4K resolution on Xbox Series X and 30fps at 1440p on Xbox Series S on the other hand.

Gamers Are Disappointed With the Games Announcement

The announcement is quite disappointing, especially at a time so close to the launch date of the game which is set for May 2nd, and when previous footage of the game has been in 60fps. The game, Redfall looks like it will be a decently fast-paced shooter, and gamers are however worried that the 30fps limitation on Xbox will make the game feel kind of slow and sluggish. And many gamers out there will always pick a higher frame rate over higher-quality graphics any time of the day.

The Upside of the Game

The game still does look like a whole lot of fun. Gamers will surely be excited to team up with friends to take on hordes of vampires in the fictional town of Redfall. And since the game will be on Xbox Game Pass at its launch, gamers will be downloading it as soon as they can.

One thing gamers will be looking out for is that the 30fps cap in question shouldn’t make the game feel too bad. And with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launching just 10 days after its own launch, if users and gamers alike get to drop Redfall, it might be a long time before they come back to it.



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